Chautauqua Weekend Madness

Up until recently, about 2 days ago, I had no idea what was happening next weekend. I was confused about the Feast and Fest, what is Chautauqua, who is planning what. So here’s a bit of information as I heard it.

Fernie Museum, The Arts Station and Wildsight are combining forces and separate events into one massive weekend party. Have you seen the multi-page flyer?

wildsights’s Feast and Fest, which was last year a cool outdoor dining experience (feast) and a fall fair (fest), which has turned into a Feast and Fest all in one night. The Feast (an amazing dinner cooked by Chef Barrie and her team in the Eco garden) is combined with the Fest (the after dinner party of the Feast also at the Eco Garden).

To clarify, Feast $75/ticket for local harvest dinners and Fest $20/ticket for just the after dinner party – dessert and a drink and social in the garden.

The Fall Fair is now a separate thing but still organized by Wildsight, I believe.

Chautauqua has adopted the Feast and Fest, Fall Fair, as well as, the Art Walk to create a whole crazy weekend of activities, events, experiences, celebrations for the whole community and beyond.

It’s complete madness, really. Check out the schedule. Have fun out there.


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