Fernie Spinners & Weavers Guild Exhibit Opening

Fernie Spinners and Weavers Guild - exhibit opening at The Arts StationHello, STS readers. I have a some great news. I bought a new computer! It’s fast and it works and I don’t have to wait every time I push a button or wait each time I attempt to write text in a text box. I feel so free right now. I can accomplish tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

This is my big excuse to why I haven’t been active much on STS. It was just too painful to post anything. But here I am. I’m going to try and do a little more. For starters, we have the Fernie Spinners & Weavers Guild opening up an exhibit at The Arts Station tonight. It all starts at 7 pm.


2 responses to “Fernie Spinners & Weavers Guild Exhibit Opening

  1. No more excuses now

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