Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Rise and Fall Running

Fernie Fall Trail - James White Park Path

What expectations I had on myself this September to get back into running! And I have been running. I’m running more now than I did in the summer. SO there’s that! But I’ve got to be easy on myself because I don’t enjoy feeling bad about things. Me feeling bad about not running is not making me want to run more. What makes me want to run more is actually running because when I’m done, I feel good. I realized one of my kids is like this. I would get so frustrated and I would start yelling but then the situation would escalate – of course! We’ve been trying so hard to teach with love and it actually does make a difference, although it’s not as easy as you think – because kids can be SO frustrating. Unbelievably, excruciatingly frustrating but it’s because I’m an adult now and I don’t find their intolerance and rude behaviour the funniest thing in the world. DEEP BREATHING! But really, they’re good kids and I am a good person so I should love myself and love my kids and just breathe very deeply.


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