Confessions Of A Lazy Person – Not So Active

woman walking near road

Since my new phone has arrived (back in August) I’ve been keeping track of my steps per day and thanks to my forgetful nature I don’t always have my phone on me so it’s not entirely accurate. Either way, I want to get as close to 10,000 steps a day and I don’t always get there but I walk (not me pictured above) more now because I aim to get there. That doesn’t mean I’ve been running. I’ve been not running, in fact. I do fully understand that walking does not burn the same amount of calories as running but right now, when it’s icy and cold, walking around town seems to be my exercise lately.

Either I get good winter running shoes or I go to the gym. I think I might do better going to the gym, to be honest. I kind of miss my late night Vitality visits. Until that is figured out, I will keep trying to get to 10,000 steps.


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