Turning Lemons Into Lemon Loaf

We had some abandoned lemons at our house so I’ve been baking lemon rich recipes lately and I couldn’t be happier. It’s funny how you crave certain flavours more than others, and at times, only certain times of the year. There are rare occasions when I don’t want anything lemon flavoured, which might, honestly, only happen after a lemon heavy stint, such as next week. But sometimes I don’t want fruit, I’m just not into it, or in winter when you don’t want to even look at a salad. My body is saying: you don’t make friends with salad.

I’ve been told there’s a reason we grow foods seasonally, so in the summer we eat bananas because they cool us down in the heat. I’m going to pay close attention to my body and its cravings and eat lemon loaf when my body wants it (every day).

Here a questions, should we just be eating chickadees and deer in the winter? Think about it.

black and white chickadee


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