Business News : Crumbs Is Moving To Sparwood


From Facebook:

“We’re moving to Sparwood.
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours but now we can finally let you in on all the juicy details!

First off, Fernie has been absolutely AMAZING to us. Our little shop grew so much faster than we had ever anticipated. Our hearts are truly humbled and we will be forever grateful for our start in Fernie.

However, the time has come for us to go home. An opportunity was presented to us and we truly thought there was NO way it could all work out but instead of doubting, we decided to leave it up to the universe and just see what happens. Turns out the stars aligned perfectly to make it happen.

This is huge for us.
This means no more two-car commute on the highway every day. This means more time together as a family. (20+ hours each week!) This means we can reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully leave a slightly better planet for our children. Ultimately, this means better work/life balance. As many of you know, family is everything to us.

That being said, our new location will be 113 Centennial Square, Sparwood. We will SHARE the space with my Dad’s restaurant, Funky Pizza. Our plans at this point are to be open from 5am-2pm (M-F) as Funky Pizza is open from 3-9pm. Let me be clear, Funky Pizza isn’t going anywhere!!!

Our last day of operation in Fernie will be September 13th. Tentative opening day in Sparwood is September 23rd.

We look forward to serving you in Sparwood!”

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