It’s Me.


It’s me again. I feel like you’ve been expecting this letter. This letter with news that you might not want to hear. To be honest, when I clicked “New Post” I didn’t expect to even be writing this letter. But I think it’s inevitable.

It’s not you, it’s me. That’s really what it comes down to.

I’m not into Small Town Social anymore. I don’t love writing my posts and when the love of blogging goes away, you gotta listen. This will be my second exit from STS but, most likely, this will be the last.

It’s not like I’ll stop blogging/sharing/writing. I have two creative jobs at the moment that I blog for (Annex Suspended and my personal artwork site) but even then, it’s not like STS. If you miss me, you’ll be able to find me there.

I’ll miss you and I’ll miss this blog. I’ll leave it up so the information is still available and if you need a quick The Dinner Party fix, you won’t be sad.

Thanks for joining me. I appreciate you.



3 responses to “It’s Me.

  1. Ok, it’s been a year. I feel like I know now. Bookmark will be deleted today.

  2. Boooooo. I won’t remove my bookmark just yet, you never know!

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