Small Town Social was brought to life by me, Brina, back in October, 2009, and it was a great blog. I took a two year break at the end of November, 2012 and I’m back again! But, so far, it’s just me. Team of 1 awesome person!

Want to get a hold of me?

You can email me at If you’d like to contribute to Small Town Social is come way, please let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas.

My creative side is showcased on a sister blog Saving Knots – Living Creatively in Fernie, BC

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A few people I’d still like to recognize and thank for previous contributions:

Dwight Schenk :: brother, The Dinner Party writer and illustrator, Pint-Sized music composer, listener and ideas guy
Gareth Barlow
:: past contributing writer
Athena Knibbs
:: past contributing writer, maker, doer
Kim McCullough :: past contributing writer, TROF
Keya White :: random contributing photographer, writer and informant
Marie-Kristine Landry :: helper elf and Fernie Fashion Front model
Tristen Perras
:: my crafty friend and Fernie Fashion Front model
Rodney Brink :: my super rock star
Leroy :: the protector
The Readers :: for coming back.

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Disclaimer : Small Town Social is, at the least, a place to see what’s going on in Fernie and, maybe at times be a bit entertaining and fun. We’re not too serious about anything other than enjoying our lives in Fernie, BC. We believe in Freedom Of Speech and Humour and comments and posts represent the commenter or poster and not anyone else. Thanks for your understanding. At this time the Team contributes to Small Town Social without any monetary return. It’s all for our pleasure.