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Business News : Crumbs Is Moving To Sparwood


From Facebook:

“We’re moving to Sparwood.
I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours but now we can finally let you in on all the juicy details!

First off, Fernie has been absolutely AMAZING to us. Our little shop grew so much faster than we had ever anticipated. Our hearts are truly humbled and we will be forever grateful for our start in Fernie.

However, the time has come for us to go home. An opportunity was presented to us and we truly thought there was NO way it could all work out but instead of doubting, we decided to leave it up to the universe and just see what happens. Turns out the stars aligned perfectly to make it happen.

This is huge for us.
This means no more two-car commute on the highway every day. This means more time together as a family. (20+ hours each week!) This means we can reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully leave a slightly better planet for our children. Ultimately, this means better work/life balance. As many of you know, family is everything to us.

That being said, our new location will be 113 Centennial Square, Sparwood. We will SHARE the space with my Dad’s restaurant, Funky Pizza. Our plans at this point are to be open from 5am-2pm (M-F) as Funky Pizza is open from 3-9pm. Let me be clear, Funky Pizza isn’t going anywhere!!!

Our last day of operation in Fernie will be September 13th. Tentative opening day in Sparwood is September 23rd.

We look forward to serving you in Sparwood!”


Did You Know: It’s Happened! Online Swim Registration

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie:

“Registration for fall lessons beginning on September 23 will open on September 10 at 4pm. Registration can be done online or in-person.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your account is ready to go for registration day:

  1. Returning and new customers need to visit the Aquatic Centre, during regular business hours, to update or set up a new customer profile.
  2. Once you have updated and/or established your account, you will receive an email outlining the additional steps required to register online on September 10.

Once you have an online account you can sign in here to register online.”

Wapiti After Parties – Friday and Saturday

Let’s have a look at The Northern’s after party bands!

Friday night with The Frontiers

Saturday night with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Confessions of a Lazy Person : I was feeling lazy until…

Hello! I bet you’ve stopped coming to my website so frequently. Getting a little more disappointed every time you visit and still see the dumpster project information. Well, I understand. I have been a little bit busy and that means Small Town Social gets put to the side.

Saying that, I’ve been trying to get back into shape. A few things have happened over the past few weeks, like my parents came for a visit and told me the kids got their athleticism from my husband. I felt like they were completely wrong about that (I think I’m still athletic even though I don’t bike up a mountain every day) and my own athleticism definitely contributes to my children’s abilities. That’s a whole debate that my husband and I have argued and made up about and I won’t get into the details.

Also, during my parents visit, I saw my dad and how his body is aging and although I can’t stop aging, I can keep up a healthy lifestyle. My plan right now is to keep moving, creating and laughing. Let’s see how that goes.


Dumpster Time!

Dumpster Art - Out Of The Box - all artists

It’s me again. I’m still over here playing with my kids and having little adventures. I’m not spending too much time at the computer but my brain never stops coming up with new ideas and art projects. I’m not sure I’ll have time for the dumpster painting project this year, it’s from Friday, August 30th- Sept 2nd, right after an evening selling my art in Kimberley and just before school starts. If you’re keen on doing a dumpster this year, you need to get your idea in by the end of July.

Right now I’m trying to squeeze in a WonderWalk story for Wapiti, a mural proposal for the Beanpod building, a painting for Art Expo, prep for our next Abstract Lion Art Club in August and another big idea that I’ll tell you about later. There’s so much going on! I love it all but it makes me tired just looking at this list.

The dumpster project is fun and super casual. This year there’s even a $500 fee for selected artists. So that’s a great idea. Who knows. Maybe I’ll even fit a dumpster in this year. Dear me. I’m going to bed.

For more information, check out:

Summer Began, In Case You Didn’t Notice

It’s hard to tell when you look out the window but summer is here and school is out. My posts will be less frequent, now that my kids are home full time. I must admit, I do miss my computer and my creative time that I was blessed with every Monday-Friday during the school year. Six blissful hours to do whatever I wanted, which was almost always drawing, writing and working on new projects. But, it’s not just a transition time for the kids, it is a transition time for me too. To get my mind out of the office and with the kids, it’s not always so easy.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. We have a few fun things planned but nothing too crazy. Being in Fernie in the summer isn’t so bad. Zip line park, tadpole catching, clay diving, tennis, park playing, mountain biking, hiking, Wednesday socials, markets and beach time. Everything is going to be alright.

Canada Day In Fernie Without Fireworks

That’s only a few days away! How did that happen?! School’s almost out, my strawberries are turning red, Fernie is looking lush…so of course it’s almost Canada Day.

Here’s the festival Facebook page with a Farmer’s market and everything. What it doesn’t tell you is that Naena Robinson is playing at 4:30. Not to be missed.

This is what it says, though:

“Get ready for some serious Canada Day fun in Fernie, BC. This is one of the biggest farmers market events of the year.

The City of Fernie is excited to once again be hosting the Canada Day celebration from 12pm-9pm on July 1!

The event will be held on the Fernie Aquatic Centre grounds and include a full lineup of live music, children’s activities, the Mountain Market, free swimming, beer gardens and much more.

The Mountain Market will runs from noon to 5pm.

The City of Fernie would also like to let the community know that due to the recurring high seasonal fire risk, we have decided not to include a fireworks display at the 2019 Canada Day festivities.

More info:”

In lieu of actual fireworks, I’ll leave you with this:

photo of fireworks