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Found On Twitter : You Gotta Love Her

I’m so sad I missed this amazing night out in support of Chef Barrie Elliot and her appearance on Chopped Canada. She’s a star in so many ways.


Irish Cooking Class At Infinitea

Irish Cooking Class at Infinitea - Fernie, BC

My first ever cooking class was at Infinitea last night, thanks to my new best friend Pru. Infinitea plans a cooking class once a month and we attended the Irish cooking class – Irish lamb stew, scallops on a crostini and white chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis. It was delicious. I had very little to do with the actual cooking, my only job was pealing potatoes and opening the fridge a couple times, but I learned a few things, especially some hot grocery shopping tips. Keep an eye out for what’s happening next month.

Irish Cooking Class at Infinitea - Fernie, BC - lamb stew Irish Cooking Class at Infinitea - stew, white chocolate mousse, scallop crustini

I Might Buy One Of Those Gingerbread House Kits Next Year.

gingerbread house - disaster
I wouldn’t say it was a success but I’m not fully deterred from making another Gingerbread House from scratch next year.

I’ll have to make some notes so I can make some improvements:
1. Make the gingerbread taste good. very important.
2. Make the frosting thicker so a) the walls of the house stick together and doesn’t fall apart and b) you can actually stick candy to the gingerbread house.
3. Don’t forget to make a roof.
4. Roll the dough thinner so the walls aren’t so heavy.

So, in summary, do everything better next year.

gingerbread house - guest

Why Didn’t You Tell Me Making A Gingerbread House Is This Hard?!

making a gingerbread house with the kids
I’m quite sure not a single side of my gingerbread house will match up to another nor will it taste good. But we are having fun making it! I think. I do wish someone had told me it’s not as easy as sitting your 3 and 1 year old down to make a gingerbread house together and have it turn out exactly like all those beautiful gingerbread homes you see online. To be honest, without the kids around I would find it hard and I am now seeing the appeal of those gingerbread house sets you buy in a box at the grocery store.

Alas, I do enjoy a challenge.

I’ll let you know how it ends.

gingerbread house in the making

I Call Them Mandi’s Pancakes But You Can Call Them Whatever You Like

mandi's cashew banana pancakes

Picture this, a little child who has never enjoyed eating anything one day starts talking about some pancakes that Mandi made her. What?! You’re talking about food? I had to listen…and get a hold of Mandi.

Now, I’m not one to talk about food either. I’m no foodie, just ask my husband. But I do want to share this recipe with you because my child wanted to eat them. Here’s my first and, maybe, last recipe post.

m a n d i ‘ s  p a n c a k e s

a handful of raw cashews – grind to a powder
1 banana
1/4 cup nut butter (so far, I’ve used almond and cashew butter with great results)
1 large egg
vanilla extract
1/4 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt

First I put the cashews in my larger magic bullet container and get that powder process out of the way, then I add all the rest of the ingredients and blend for a minute or so. Often the batter is too thick so I put some water in it. Brilliant.

Heat that frying pan and make your pancakes.

We make small bite sized pancakes – fun for the kids and yourself. Dip those delicious bites into maple syrup or a fun fruit sauce, like my favorite strawberry sauce (strawberries, orange juice, grated frozen ginger and lemon juice cooked in a pot and then blended with an immersion hand blender).

Apples And Brown Rice. Mikey Likes It.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been feeling like someone is watching us every time we eat a meal and then we discovered it was those beautiful little eyes of Phoenix. She’s been studying us and our eating methods or maybe she’s just really curious about what we’re doing. I decided to start feeding her some real food, starting small and easy and working up to small and easy but in a bowl.

Let me explain. To get her used to different textures and tastes I first started giving her celery stalks to gnaw on. She loved it, plus, the cold probably feels good on her gums. Then I started letting her suck on an apple. She went to town on it! She really carved out her name in it and declared it Phoenix’s. I then decided to actually sit her down for a proper meal. It was so exciting for me, I taped it and laughed through the whole thing because the looks on her face were saying “HOLY CRAP. That tastes awful! Give me more!” And when I say more, I mean the tiniest amount ever. I started her off with a brown rice cereal and then apple sauce. She loves being the one in control with the spoon in her hands and I encourage it because it’s probably good practice for hand control. She’s only made herself gag about 10 times.

To get me started I ordered the book The Best Homemade Baby Food On The Planet and it’s been really helpful. The recipes are quite basic in the beginning months but it also gives you advice on being patient, which apples are best to start with, stocking your pantry, freezing tips etc. I really went into this knowing nothing so it was nice to have something to guide me.

So the journey of discovering food continues. We’re both still very excited.

Phoenix's first meal, stocking the pantryPreparing for Phoenix's first mealPhoenix's first meal, applesPhoenix is control of her spoon.Phoenix's first meal, apples, hands in bowl

Christmas At Our House

Our amazing Christmas in Fernie, in no particular order…. christmas bingo^ Christmas Bingo^ Booties from TP^ Good times with friends^ a bit young for the jolly jumper but she still enjoyed it^ Don’t be fooled by the thumbs up pose, the gravy was a mess.^Christmas morning. still waking up.^ Secret Santa game this year was like Copycat in Cranium^ Secret Santa pressies^ Phoenix and her new headbands from Simon Brink^ Jen bars! delicious^ traditional brandy pudding on fire – thanks to Rob’s mom!^ Brandon holding a flower child^ Orphan Christmas dinner^ Marie and Tristen