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Terry Nelson’s Book Launch, Today At 3

Terry Nelson Hiking Trails Book Launch in Fernie BC


Music Break : Million Dollar Loan

I’m trying to get out of the house and my kids just mess around and mess around. I gave up. I threw my mittens on the floor, flung my toque away and put my coat on the ground and then walked downstairs…not calmly. Now I’m writing this post, so you have my kids to thank for this one! Perhaps Million Dollar Loan can calm me down, although I think, if only the kids will get ready, a walk in the woods would be a very good idea right now.

Fernie On Instagram : Outdoor Classroom

Made It To Matheson Falls, Finally!

Matheson Falls, Fernie BC

Twelve years after my first time in Fernie, just under 10 years living here, I finally made it to Matheson Falls. I wonder how many other people have lived here and not made the short 20 minute journey up the river to this amazing spot. The water is frigid, which is perfect on a hot day like today, and the climb is rocky but you feel like you’re in another world.

The best part was watching the five kids, ages 3 to 6, having a blast on their way up to the falls. Not one of them complained for a second…okay, other than that one moment when someone had to go to the washroom and they didn’t want to do it in the forest. It was a cool afternoon spent on the mountain with friends, going on a little kid friendly adventure. It will be something we do every summer from now on.

It’s the number one spot to swim on this website:

And a facebook page with people’s photos of Matheson Falls:

Silver Springs Public Input

family trip to silver springs - swimming in cool waters

From Elk River Alliance’s Facebook Page:

“Have you been to Silver Springs? Do you frequent this area, or maybe you used to but don’t any more? If these questions make you think we’re talking to you, we probably are!

We are collecting public input on the subject of a backcountry toilet being installed at Silver Springs, and we want to hear what you have to say! Please follow this link and answer ten simple questions to help guide our stewardship efforts!”

Take the survey.

Short But Sweet Hike In Fernie

Fairy Creek Falls - Fernie, BC - easy short hike

It’s been a while since I’ve walked to Fairy Creek Falls and when some friends visit from Vancouver and you only have 2 hours of free time, it’s a great choice with great rewards.

A Mini Hike Around Lake Trail At Island Lake Lodge

Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - beautiful stops

I couldn’t put my phone down at Island Lake Lodge on Sunday. It is just too beautiful and every time we turned a corner there was a new amazing site to see. We thought Lake Trail would be the perfect place to introduce hiking to our 3 and 2 year old and we were right…it was just enough hike for them. At the end, Rod biked down the new and hyped Lazy Lizard and we collected him at the bottom. In a couple years, maybe even next summer, we’ll take them on the Old Growth Trail and finish up with lunch on the Island Lake outdoor patio.

Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - gorgeous board walks Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - exploring the rivers Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - finish with lazy lizard Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - view of the lodges Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - log swamp Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - hiking in fernie Island Lake Lodge - Lake Trail with children - things to do