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Did You Know : Fernie Streak Challenge

did you know - city of fernie news

From City of Fernie’s Facebook page:

“The City of Fernie is excited to support and encourage our residents to participate in the #FernieStreak Challenge. City Council and staff will be participating. Are you up for the challenge?

WHAT? Nordic Ski, Bike, Run or Hike outside, on your own time, for a minimum of 30 minutes, on consecutive days, for the entire month of January.

PROVE IT: Simply grab yourself a copy of January Fernix Fix, where you’ll find you very own #FernieStreak calendar. Track your progress and post pictures of your adventures on social media using #FernieStreak. At the end of the month, submit a photo of your action-packed calendar to, for a chance to win!
Don’t go it alone, grab friends or colleagues – it’s the perfect way to kick off 2019!”

FernieStreak Challenge - outdoor activity 30 minutes every day - Fernie BC Community Challenge


Bonus Weekend At Fernie Alpine Resort! But it’s Market Day.

What would you choose?

Fernie Alpine Resort - Ski Fernie Open Early 2017


Unnecessary Snowshoes On Gorby Trail

snow shoe on gorby trail in fernie bc snow shoe on gorby trail in fernie bc
The snow was so packed on Gorby Trail it made the snowshoes completely unnecessary. The driving force behind wearing them was the fact that I hadn’t put them on in 2 years and during one steep hill I was glad I had them on.

It was too cold yesterday for a snowshoe with the kids since all they do is just sit on the GT or sled and they don’t get their body warm at all. It ended up being a short trip but it was a nice reminder of how beautiful it is in the forest.

snow shoe on gorby trail in fernie bc snow shoe on gorby trail in fernie bc

Albertine, Ben and Jackson Crush On Fernie Life

Albertine, Ben and Jackson in Fernie BC - Winter ActivitiesAlbertine, Ben and Jackson in Fernie BC - Winter Family ActivitiesAlbertine, Ben and Jackson in Fernie BC - Winter Family ActivitiesAlbertine, Ben and Jackson in Fernie BC - Winter Family Activities
Albertine, Ben and Jackson (9 months old) visited Fernie this past weekend to meet Phoenix (awesome) and spend some Q.T. together but to also see what Fernie is like in the winter. We got some “epic fresh pow” one morning (out of the blue) and took Jackson outside for her first real snow day (she hasn’t seen much snow in Vancouver).

Snowshoeing and tobogganing, all in one weekend! Best Fernie vacation weekend ever!

Thanks for coming all the way to Fernie, De Leon/Krichs. We love you!

Fairy Creek Avalanche

Over the past few weeks we’ve had some friends who have come over from the UK in order to experience the wintry delights that Fernie has to offer. Luckily, they had a few nice powder days at the hill and now appreciate the maxim: No friends on powder days! Unfortunately last week, it did warm up quite a lot and also rained for several days, so we decided to take some snowshoes and head up to Fairy Creek for a bit of a walk. The avalanche risk was high and a lot of the ski hill was closed off, so we decided to head up the Fairy Creek trail through the woods.

Following up the hillside on the side of the valley, it was obvious looking across to the side of Mount Fernie that the rain and warmer weather had triggered several slides, especially in the steeper couloirs. Our intention was to walk up the trail for a short while, ensuring that we didn’t cross any exposed slopes. For those of you that know the trail, it’s pretty much densely covered by trees and I would guess that any risks in there would be fairly minimal.

We reached the picnic table that sits at the side of the path, just before the trail crosses a shallow gully directly above the falls. As we turned the corner and spotted the table, the sight in the gully was astonishing. I’m normally quite stoic at the best of times, but I have to say that I was absolutely gob-smacked at what we were looking at. Avalanche debris consumed the entire gully and had come to a standstill twenty feet or so downhill of where the path would normally cross the gully. Looking uphill, all you could see were jumbles of iced blocks, varying in size, some probably weighing in at over a tonne, that choked the gully (see attached photo). What was even more amazing was the fact that the raw power of the avalanche was obvious to see as trees had been ripped from their roots and massive gouge lines scarred the hill’s side.

Given the prevailing conditions, what we were looking at shouldn’t have been such a surprise but looking at the angle of the gully at this point, you would never have guessed that such a slide could have come down with such force. Obviously this had come from a long way above and had gathered so much energy; its size and ferocity made you stop and think. You don’t always know what’s above you. I felt humbled by what I witnessed.

We decided to turn around at this point but it did make me think about times on the ski hill when you hear people on the lifts moaning that certain bowls are closed because of avalanche risks. Looking at this debris has heightened my respect for nature and I can quite happily say that I don’t mind missing out on some fresh tracks if it means that I’m not going to be crushed to death…

A Snowshoe To The Power Lines

Snowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie BC - IciclesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power LinesSnowshoe in Fernie to West Fernie Power Lines

Prevent Snow Blindness

Snow Blindness PreventionSnow Blindness, also known as Photokeratitis or ultraviolet keratitis, is a temporary and painful result of ultraviolet exposure to the cornea of your eye. I thought I had it a couple years ago after a walk through Annex Park on a sunny wintery day – the sun was so bright and reflected off the fresh white snow. For about an hour or so I had this bright white blob that crawled from front and centre to the outside of my vision. If I had just worn sunglasses with UV protection, I would have never experienced that displeasure. Live and learn!