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Confessions Of A Lazy Person – Not So Active

woman walking near road

Since my new phone has arrived (back in August) I’ve been keeping track of my steps per day and thanks to my forgetful nature I don’t always have my phone on me so it’s not entirely accurate. Either way, I want to get as close to 10,000 steps a day and I don’t always get there but I walk (not me pictured above) more now because I aim to get there. That doesn’t mean I’ve been running. I’ve been not running, in fact. I do fully understand that walking does not burn the same amount of calories as running but right now, when it’s icy and cold, walking around town seems to be my exercise lately.

Either I get good winter running shoes or I go to the gym. I think I might do better going to the gym, to be honest. I kind of miss my late night Vitality visits. Until that is figured out, I will keep trying to get to 10,000 steps.


Hearth 2018 – New & Returning Artists

Hearth Handmade Crafted Christmas Sale - Clawhammer Press, Element 7 Nine, Holly Horses, Mona Design and Sarah Pike Pottery

Festival Of Lights In Fernie

Michelle and I were artists in the Festival of Lights this past weekend and, although the work was hard, it was worth it. To be part of community projects is so important to me and to push us to work in a different way (glowing 3D objects!) gets the brain working double-time. Thank goodness Michelle doesn’t mind getting involved in these projects with me.

The whole event was incredibly fun. Parading around downtown with our families, dancing in a crowd, looking at the other brilliant art installations, drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks at the end. A great event for Fernie!


Music Break – Not Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

While making (remaking) a little boy lantern on Friday I turned on a 90s alternative playlist thinking it would only last a couple songs…8 hours later I was still listening to it. I loved it. It was my high school years and then some in a single playlist. So I fell in love with Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space again. Today I’m looking for it to post on STS and then I fall deeper into the youtube vortex and found this song by Lana Del Rey and for some reason I chose it as a song to share. Life is funny! So here we are. Video Games by Lana Del Rey.

David P Smith At The Arts Station

David P Smith in concert in Fernie BC at The Arts Station

“David P. Smith in Concert

November 17th, 8pm

Victoria, BC songwriter David P. Smith has been writing, performing, and recording since 1995. He is essentially a storyteller, his narratives visceral, sometimes hilarious, peering into darkness, stumbling into surreality, lurching back into the everyday, and occupying that honest spot where good C&W dwells.  Musically and sonically he draws on everything from the raw emotion of hard-core country and rhythm and blues, to noise, to folk, to the forms dictated or suggested or discovered on the accordion or piano.” Get your tickets here: Eventbrite

Have a listen:

Fernie On Instagram : Speaking Of Chinese Food

The Old Elevator Reopens As Chinese Restaurant

The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant Fernie, BC

From Facebook:

“This is it!

It is happening!

The new Chinese Restaurant is opening at The Old Elevator Restaurant.

It will be opening tomorrow (today, November 7th) from Lunch onwards.

A variety of great food on the menu and a BUFFET!!!

Come check it out and finally enjoy great Chinese food in Fernie!

Just up near the central!”