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Body Painting Competition At The Royal This Weekend

Body Painting Competition Fernie BC - The Royal

This is a fundraiser for the Out of the Box – Dumpster Art Party project.


A Discreet Good Time In Fernie

woman relaxing relax spa

Want to have a good time downtown Fernie without spending any money? Walk into Lysh Hair Salon (if they’re open) and try out their massage chairs. Don’t change the setting and get all picky about what type of massage you want. Sit down. Push power and get your back chopped, your calves squeezed and your butt vibrated. Yes. That’s right. My son was getting his hair cut while I got my 15 minute massage/assault and I was giggling.

I’m sure the ladies at the salon would appreciate your business, as well.

The Power of Slugs


Children get emotional. All them of them do and there’s always a reason but most of the time it’s hard for them to explain why. What started off as a terribly emotional morning changed instantly the second we met a slug on our walk to school this morning.

I’ve come to cherish our morning walks to school because it often gives us time to fix whatever happened previously, to “reboot” as I like to call it, because mornings can be difficult at our house. At the end of the day it’s a nice walk home to reminisce, give piggy back rides and take turns kicking a stone or a pinecone along the way. If I’m going to hear a story, it will most likely happen on our walk home or at the dinner table, the times when you’re forced to be together and not get distracted by other things.

So this morning we met a slug and it turned all three of us into a skipping, joking, happy family. Sometimes a good distraction is all we need, or perhaps it’s the power of nature at its slimiest. We can’t always come across a slug when we’re in a foul mood but maybe just a walk through Annex park is just what the Dr. would prescribe. I’ll give it a try this summer when we spend every minute of every day together, which can be distressing for everyone.

Confessions of a Lazy Person : Cool Mornings

nature sky sunset the mountains

Thank goodness for these cool mornings or I’m not sure I would go running at all. I guess we’ll find out if the temperatures start to increase beyond 21 degrees. I’m wondering what other people do in the middle of summer – do you run only in the morning or at night when it cools? Do you even get drained by the heat? As soon as that sunlight hits my skin I want to stop running. I go from full tank to RED LIGHT ALMOST EMPTY within seconds.

Let’s hope the mornings stay cool so I won’t have to invest in a cool misting fan head strap contraption.

Music Break : New Neko Case Hell-On

Neko Case almost made me cry big ugly tears when I saw her perform in Vancouver ten years ago. She has a strong, beautiful voice that fills a room…and my heart. Neko Case has a new album out and the first song I heard Hell-On did not disappoint. Enjoy your day!

Fernie Business Walk

Fernie Pets Society 2018 Facebook Auction

Fernie Pets SocietyThere are some great donations to bid on!

“All proceeds from the auction go directly towards the services Fernie Pets Society provides. Place your bid today!

Auction Rules:

– Bidding opens May 18, 2018 5:00 PM
– Bidding closes June 15, 2018 5:00 PM
– Only serious bidders please, a bid is a commitment
– Bids are placed in the comments below the photo of the auction item
– Full dollar bids only, no decimals please
– Successful bidders will be notified by Facebook Messenger once the auction has closed
– Payments can be made via Cash, Cheque or PayPal prior to shipping or delivery
– Payments must be received within 7 days of notification of a successful bid
– Local Delivery ( Cranbrook to Elkford) is included in your bid
– Delivery is available to other locations throughout Canada and USA. Delivery charge will be calculated and discussed with the successful bidder.”

Put your bid in here.