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A cause to celebrate with friends and family

Birthday Weekend At Loon Lake

There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday with amazing friends, camping at a local lake. The “local” part is important because we ended up camping with about fifteen extra Fernie families, on top of our group of 5 families, and the kids came home with their cups full and passed out for 13 hours. Everyone left the campground happy, even my husband who had to go to the hospital for 5 stitches on his finger.

Camping is one of the only ways I can completely relax and let go. My phone was off for four days and that felt amazing. The kids were busy and happy with new and old friends. The lake was glassy smooth and clear and the campfire roared for hours each night. Life is truly good.

Festival Of Lights In Fernie

Michelle and I were artists in the Festival of Lights this past weekend and, although the work was hard, it was worth it. To be part of community projects is so important to me and to push us to work in a different way (glowing 3D objects!) gets the brain working double-time. Thank goodness Michelle doesn’t mind getting involved in these projects with me.

The whole event was incredibly fun. Parading around downtown with our families, dancing in a crowd, looking at the other brilliant art installations, drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks at the end. A great event for Fernie!


Happy Father’s Day All You Kick A** Dads Out There

I’m married to one, a father, and he’s out at the lake with the kids on his own all weekend. What a great dad he is. My own father never took us on solo camping trips (there were 4 of us) but when we were older he ended up taking each of us, one-by-one, on a weekend getaway and I still think about that short resort trip in Ontario cottage country every so often. We played a lot of cribbage together, it might have even been the weekend he taught me how to play, and I failed miserably at waterskiing. I also took off one night of the two nights to the employee cabin to play Suck and Blow with a bunch of strangers. Oh life! You’re so strange. They were very welcoming but I wonder why I couldn’t have spent that night playing cribbage with my dad. Ahhhh now I’m speaking of regrets. Today is about him, and I love him dearly.

My camping loving partner is out there making amazing memories for his children and they’re so lucky he’s who he is. A fun dad. Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there, you’re all so different but you have one major thing in common. You know what it is!!

Brina Schenk and Bill Schenk - Father's Day

Our Trip To Costa Rica

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our trip to Costa Rica this September. It was Costa Rica’s rainy season so we (four families from Fernie) were all prepared for mosquitoes, rain, dengue fever, sting rays, tantrums and sun burns but it ended up being much easier than I expected. We did get bit by mosquitoes but only a little. Only one of us got stung by a sting ray. Hardly any tantrums erupted and only a few noses pealed. The travel was tedious, no doubt, it took over 24 hours to get there and over 30 hours to return, but we did it and survived!

We surfed, played in the cool pool, hunted lizards, admired the massive butterflies, biked  around town, played on the beach, collected shells and ate some delicious food. It was just what I needed.


Family Safety Day 2017

Family Safety Day - Fernie Community Centre