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A cause to celebrate with friends and family

Our Trip To Costa Rica

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our trip to Costa Rica this September. It was Costa Rica’s rainy season so we (four families from Fernie) were all prepared for mosquitoes, rain, dengue fever, sting rays, tantrums and sun burns but it ended up being much easier than I expected. We did get bit by mosquitoes but only a little. Only one of us got stung by a sting ray. Hardly any tantrums erupted and only a few noses pealed. The travel was tedious, no doubt, it took over 24 hours to get there and over 30 hours to return, but we did it and survived!

We surfed, played in the cool pool, hunted lizards, admired the massive butterflies, biked  around town, played on the beach, collected shells and ate some delicious food. It was just what I needed.


Family Safety Day 2017

Family Safety Day - Fernie Community Centre

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Not Biking In Whitefish


Nine of us traveled to Whitefish for a biking bachelorette weekend this past weekend and I was the only one who didn’t bike. It wasn’t a hard decision for me as I still have no feeling in most of my foot and if I do too much my leg gets super achy and I’m just a little tired of achy. So I stayed back and did some swimming and hot tubbing and a bit of walking, which was really good because I’m supposed to be walking on an incline, good for the stiffness, and I haven’t been.

I’m okay with being the oddball in a group. I’m getting good at being that person. I like that everyone has accepted this part of me. I had no grief for it, although I had a great excuse, but I feel as though if I had not broken my leg this wonderful group of bike crazy women would have been very cool with me not participating (to my face). I love that.

We Went To A Magical Place Called Kalispell, Montana

eureka - cafe jax - great family restaurant

I’m not even joking. Kalispell, Montana is a magical place where a man you talk to for 3 minutes ends up secretly paying for your whole family’s meal (at Cafe Jax in Eureka, actually); where our children are given a teddy bear for finishing their meals; where hotels offer complimentary dinner and breakfasts. Rod and I felt like something strange was happening but we went with it.

Thank you, to the man who was so generous to take on our whole lunch bill.
Thank you, to the United States of America for being so kind.
Thank you, Rod, for taking the family out of These Are The Rainy Days Of Our Lives Fernie.

eureka montana - cafe jax eureka montana shipping outlet kalispell - the family fun zone kalispell montana - holiday inn kalispell montana - hotel with toddlers free teddy bears road trip to kalispell

Her 2nd Time Skiing At The Hill

three year old learning to ski at fernie alpine resort
My little three year old is learning to ski. It’s a wonderful thing and I’m so excited for her (I don’t ski. Not yet.) and I think it’s a fantastic activity she can do with her father. Today I went up with them because I wanted to see her ski and she really wanted to show me how good she was. She was so confident, she wanted to go down the hill without her father, without knowing anything about turning or stopping, but those skills are important and in no time she will be our little independent skier – just not today.

Rod was looking into a bunch of different techniques for teaching kids to ski and he came up with this method: The Camelbak and Dog Leash Method. Now, it worked alright but he was saying she was leaning back too much when it’s important to learn to lean forward. He might try something new next time.

three year old learning to ski at fernie alpine resort three year old learning to ski at fernie alpine resort three year old learning to ski at fernie alpine resort

A Break From Fernie – Everyone Needs It Once In A While

Rod, Phoenix and I took off to Ontario for a little over a week to introduce our little one to our families and we had a fabulous time. We also enjoyed getting out of the GTA to spend quality time with the Brink family at a cottage. I was reminded once again how beautiful Ontario is with it’s beautiful lakes and landscapes. We were also reminded of 401 traffic and hot and humid summer days – no thanks.

Here are a few favorite photos from our travels.

Don't miss driving on Highway 401Taking phoenix to the park - Rod had a good time on the swingSchenk Family Children - Adia, Brody, Max, PhoenixDriving up to cottage country - Haliburton areaBear Aware OntarioRod and his Brother StevePhoenix's turn on the swingBrink Cousins at the cottagePhoenix experiencing the cold lake water temperatureToronto for a birthday party - Ellie, Bowie, MikeTrip Home - This says it all.
Our flight home was extended about 5 hours due to weather conditions in Calgary (we found ourselves in Kelowna with very little baby food and a few hours of uncertainty of how we’d get home) but we made it home in one piece and with very little fussiness so I can’t really complain. Phoenix was a star on every flight we took. She was smiling at everyone and everyone smiled right back. HUGE success!

One little note though – our success in flying with Phoenix was playing the distraction game. I’m not sure what we would have done without Cheerios.

Views Of Fernie :: Top Of Hyper-extension

Rod took this photo of Ronan and Henry during his bike ride last night. It was a special occasion, Ronan’s first time on Hyper-extension with his new bike. Look how happy he is (on the left)! This is Henry’s millionth time but he’s just as happy as Ronan…if not more.
Fernie Mountain Bike - Hyper Extension - Ronan and Henry