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Fernie On Instagram : New Flavour


Saturday Vet News

Look what we found! A bike jump - The Observers' dogs

Tanglefoot Vets in Fernie is now open on Saturdays!

Their hours used to be Monday to Friday and now you get an extra Vet day (9am-5pm)! We don’t have a dog but my kids often pretend they’re dogs and cats. For the many who have real pets in this town, this might be helpful.

Happy Saturday!

Mountain Opus School of Music – May and June Classes

mosm-logo-transparent-600Mountain Opus School of Music is booking classes for 0-5 year olds. If you’re interested in any of the following, let them know before they book up.

Cuddle & Bounce (0-1 yr) Tuesdays @ 9am
Sing & Play (1-2 yrs) Tuesdays @ 10:30am
Wiggle & Grow (2-3 yrs) Wednesdays @ 5pm
Laugh & Learn (3-4 yrs) Thursdays @ 2:30pm
Move & Grove (4-5 yrs) Thursdays @ 1:30pm

Visit their website or email or visit their website:

Views Of Fernie : A New Board For The Arts Station

The Arts Station new board 2015 2016

I went to The Arts Station AGM last night because a friend told me that it’s important to come out and have a say as to who will take the organization forward. I was moved by his plea so I attended the meeting and, in the end, no vote was needed because 6 people were running for the board and 6 people are allowed on the board. So, other than a little bit of interesting information, my presence was not needed. The best thing that came out of it was my new membership (3 years overdue) and seeing the new arts collective G.O.A.T. (Guild Of Art & Things) stand up to talk about their desire to get more young people out and in the local art scene. Plus, I had an interesting but brief talk with Kyle Hamilton about the big role social media has in “content marketing”.

Above is a picture of the new board members getting ready to have their picture taken by The Free Press. New members are: Troy Cook (musician, digital media etc), Sarah Pike (potter), Kyle Hamilton (photographer), Mike Tomney (sound guy and more), Vanessa Croome (co-owner of Claris Media), Doreen Oosterhuis (lovely person?) and Denise Baughan (theatre).

Lastly, this photo is from my Saving Knots on Instagram. Come join me!

Parent-Tot Funtimes Moves To Rotary Park For The Spring

parent-tot funtimes program in the elk valley - spring park play schedule

For details on Elkford and Sparwood’s funtime group, check the group facebook page here:


Business News – Thursdays Is Locals Night At Loaf Bakery

loaf bakery fernie - locals night dining

New Restaurants In Fernie – Pho Locoal and Rusty Edge

I know nothing about these new businesses other than:rusty edge pub on fernie ski hill

Rusty Edge is a new pub for the ski hill. 5369 Ski Hill Road. I think it’s the old Corner Pocket location. They will be offering our local Fernie Brewing Co brews and they open on Wednesday. Oh and something about home cooked food, pizza and mulled wine.

pho locoal - new restaurant in fernie bc

Pho Locoal is a new Vietnamese restaurant at 301 2nd Ave. I think it’s the old El Guapo spot in The Central building. Want to know how to say Pho? Pho is a beef and noodle soup, typically. Can’t wait to see what Pho Locoal has to offer! Open for business!

I’m hoping the old Stop N Shop will turn into a cool cafe or brunch spot. That’s my wish, Santa!