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Music Break : Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts Band is a band I enjoy every time I hear them but I never think of them. There is that one song that has stayed with me..”Bridge to Nowhere”. Yes. That’s it. I’ll post that one too. What a great song! I hope you’re enjoying your day.

Music Break : The Head And The Heart

I’ve been using Google Play for a little over a month and I gotta say, so far, it’s pretty good. I like the similar artist feature and I love the ability to create my own music playlist, which can be played offline. Sometimes I put on playlist recommended and created by Google Play and then I hear songs I might not have ever heard. For instance, The Head and the Heart’s “10,000 Weight In Gold”. Other than the crazy whiny dog noises, my ears were perked.

Music Break : Half Moon Run

Trying out a new band Half Moon Run this morning and I thought I’d share them with you. Good vibes and, plus, they’re Canadian. Nice.

Music Break : Son Little’s Lay Down


A while ago I posted a Music Break on Son Little and I just recently found this song. Ahhh. I’ve goose bumps.

Music Break : Alberta Cross’s Song Three Blues

Music Break : Alabama Shakes’ Sound And Color

Music Break : Palehound

Palehound's new album, Dry Food, comes out August 14

p a l e h o u n d
A lot of people who aren’t on Twitter don’t really get Twitter but I have embraced it’s strangeness somehow, mostly because every once in a while I see a tweet and when I dig deeper I find something new and great. About a month ago I saw some news about Palehound coming out with their debut album and I looked them up. What a pleasant surprise!