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Music Break : Half Moon Run

Trying out a new band Half Moon Run this morning and I thought I’d share them with you. Good vibes and, plus, they’re Canadian. Nice.

Music Break : Son Little’s Lay Down


A while ago I posted a Music Break on Son Little and I just recently found this song. Ahhh. I’ve goose bumps.

Music Break : Alberta Cross’s Song Three Blues

Music Break : Alabama Shakes’ Sound And Color

Music Break : Palehound

Palehound's new album, Dry Food, comes out August 14

p a l e h o u n d
A lot of people who aren’t on Twitter don’t really get Twitter but I have embraced it’s strangeness somehow, mostly because every once in a while I see a tweet and when I dig deeper I find something new and great. About a month ago I saw some news about Palehound coming out with their debut album and I looked them up. What a pleasant surprise!

Music Break : Ratatat

Ratatat album Magnifique - music break on small town social fernie bc

I haven’t necessarily heard amazing things about Ratatat‘s new album (in 5 years) Magnifique but I put it on the other day while I was painting and it was just what I needed to hear. I thoroughly enjoyed it and maybe you will too. Have a listen and enjoy your day.

Music Break : Sherman Downey

Music Break : sherman downey

s h e r m a n  d o w n e y

Closing down Wapiti Music Festival is Sherman Downey and our last Wapiti feature. Today is the day where we all cram into the Annex duck pond park and listen to some awesome tunes, eat awesome street food and hula hoop like it’s 1999. See you out there, Fernie!