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National Alert System

woman holding a phone

From RDEK on Facebook:

Reminder About National Alert System (Posted: Nov.29.18)

Yesterday afternoon the buzzing of cellphone alerts could be heard across the country as the national alert system was tested. Here in BC, that alert system will ONLY be used for TSUNAMI warnings.

We want to make sure residents of the region are aware that this system is only intended to warn of tsunamis – is not able to be used for local emergencies and local governments have no access to it.

There is a system in development for British Columbians that will be designed for provincial and local emergencies; however, it will not be in place until likely 2020. In the interim, the RDEK is nearing completion on a local mass notification system that residents will be able to sign up for to get alerts about wide-scale local emergency alerts (such as fire and floods). We will keep residents informed once the program is ready to launch.”


The Old Elevator Reopens As Chinese Restaurant

The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant Fernie, BC

From Facebook:

“This is it!

It is happening!

The new Chinese Restaurant is opening at The Old Elevator Restaurant.

It will be opening tomorrow (today, November 7th) from Lunch onwards.

A variety of great food on the menu and a BUFFET!!!

Come check it out and finally enjoy great Chinese food in Fernie!

Just up near the central!”

Fernie On Instagram : Non-Profit & Charity Free Tee Contest

Pumpkin Hunt Madness

What a crazy event the Nordic Pumpkin Hunt was! We showed up a 1/2 hr late, not intentionally, but life is how it is, and we were turned away from the pumpkin hunt – although, there were other things we could have waited in long lines for. We decided to have our own pumpkin hunt and snacks at home instead. Honestly, I’m not complaining but I am shocked at how popular this event is. 320 pumpkins sold in 30 minutes. WOWZERS. That’s amazing! I’m so happy for the Nordic Society for organizing an event that everyone loves and wants to be part of.

Also, record turn out for the municipal election this fall. 60% of the eligible voters came out to the polls. Amazing.

What an amazing town we live in.

Fernie On Instagram : Karley Denoon Opens A New Clinic

Fernie On Instagram : Snow And Provincial Park Closes

Meet The Candidates

fernie bc - city hall

On October 3rd from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Fernie Community Centre a large group of people will be introducing themselves, answering questions and trying to win our votes for the municipal election on October 20th. It’s going to be a tough decision, I believe, since we have a lot of keen community members who want to make a difference in our town. If you want to get a pre-intro, The Free Press has a little Q&A on their website.

I’m excited about this election! Too bad we have to narrow down to only 6.