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You Have Something To Say

A Star Is Born - MovieI went with a few friends to see A Star Is Born on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. It is a tragic love story that makes you believe in that raw, passionate, in the moment love again. Love is messy! Love is always changing but that’s not what I got from the movie. The message that I took home with me was that having talent is one thing but talent with something to say can change the world.

Now, I completely believe in that, which is why I get so blasé about some of the artwork I produce. I just don’t see the message in it. I’ll put my coffee mug on my illustrations and a witness will say “Do you treat your art like that?” I do. I don’t treat all my art that way. But I don’t see everything as precious. What do I find precious? What do I want my paintings to say? That’s my big question right now. Not that my art is going to change the world, but I believe in art. It’s so interesting the feelings I get when I paint, when I REALLY paint. I get lost in it, which is why I have an alarm on my phone that tells me when to get the kids from school.

What’s my message.


Meet The Candidates

fernie bc - city hall

On October 3rd from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Fernie Community Centre a large group of people will be introducing themselves, answering questions and trying to win our votes for the municipal election on October 20th. It’s going to be a tough decision, I believe, since we have a lot of keen community members who want to make a difference in our town. If you want to get a pre-intro, The Free Press has a little Q&A on their website.

I’m excited about this election! Too bad we have to narrow down to only 6.

Learning About Fernie – Geography, Elevation, Age, Our Flag and Motto, Robotics, Accommodation Industry

Did you know this about Fernie BC? Facts, Flag, Geography, Tourism

From Wikipedia and BC Stats I learned a few things about the City of Fernie:

1. geography of Fernie

Fernie is a city in the Elk Valley area of the East Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia, Canada, located on BC Highway 3 (also know as the Interprovincial or Southern Trans-Provincial) on the eastern approaches to the Crowsnest Pass through the Rocky Mountains, along the Elk River (the Elk River originates from the Elk Lakes near the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains).

The coordinates are: 49°30′15″N 115°03′46″W

2. How High Are We?

Our Elevation is: 1,010 m (3,314 ft)

To put that into perspective:
Victoria’s elevation is 23 m (75 ft)
Calgary’s elevation is 1,048 m (3,438 ft)
Winnipeg’s elevation is 238 m (781 ft)
Toronto’s elevation is 76 m (249 ft)
St John’s elevation is Sea Level 0–147 m (0–483 ft)

* High altitude is sometimes defined to begin at 2,400 metres (8,000 ft) above sea level.

3. Fernie’s Median Age

From 2008 – 41.1

4. Fernie’s Flag – gorgeous

We’re so minimalist. But I think I get what it’s trying to say…there’s coal in the shape of diamonds in the mountains and over to the right there are elk. But Shhh don’t tell anyone, Hunters don’t like their hunting spots exposed to anyone.

Fernie BC Flag
5. Our motto:

In montibus ad flumen” which translates to “In the mountains by the river“. Spot-on!

6. Robotics

Did you know Fernie is also home to The Fernie Seconday School Robotics Club, which travelled all the way to Atlanta Georgia for the world championships, the farthest distance travelled by a Fernie School team?

7. Tourism – Accommodation Industry

From my good friend in Victoria who works for BC Stats – “It seems like the Fernie area accommodation industry brings in just over $2 million every month in the peak (Feb/winter) season, compared to the other months. Here’s a summary of the information (covers the period January 2000 to July 2009)”:

Average (000s)
$ 1,689.10
$ 2,177.10
$ 1,958.30
$   583.10
$   360.50
$   448.70
$   783.90
$   906.00
$   621.67
$   351.89
$   237.89
$ 1,450.

Fight Back With Raw Garlic

mosquito bites and raw garlic

The mosquitoes are bad, mmmmkay?

To combat the unrelenting itch, try rubbing raw garlic on the bite. I had this nasty bite on my wrist recently and I googled “natural mosquito after bite”…there were a few natural remedies but garlic was in my cupboard, so I tried it. I worked immediately. I was amazed. Garlic is amazing.

Old Rusty Cars Along The Elk River in Fernie

Elk River Old Rusty Cars
Have you ever wondered, as you float by on your inflatable in the summertime, why there are so many old rusty cars embedded in the edge of the Elk River? The rumour I heard was they were wildly and viciously thrown down the river due to a flash flood, or something like that. During a walk in west fernie today, I took some pictures and then made a call to the Fernie Historical Society…and apparently, this area use the be the dumping ground for old unwanted vehicles. Garbage. That’s all it is. If you don’t like living in a real world, you can continue believing in a disastrous flood or even aliens with agendas. I like to think the beavers did it.

Q&A : What bands are from and playing in Fernie?

Bands In Fernie BCI’ve received a few questions by email or phone about Fernie and event planning in Fernie and I figure I might as well share the information with everyone. That’s only fair. Today’s topic is a good one because there’s nothing like live music at a fund-raising event or wedding to get everyone off their chairs.

Now, I know there is going to be information missing, as new bands seem to be sprouting up frequently these days…so in no logical order…

Shred Kelly – foot stoppin’ good times band – a 6 piece band that plays original music that is so catchy you’ll be humming a tune for days. Recently, they announced a show in Vancouver during the Olympics on the free concert stage in Yaletown. That’s exciting stuff.

The Arcade Files – indie pop band – 3 musicians, that happen to be pretty ladies, play originals and covers to a crowd that just wants to dance. There’s a rumour going around that they’re recording an album right now.

Bubba Tres – how can you define this band? I haven’t seen them play but I bet it’s very entertaining. Their stuff almost reminds me of a quirky musical.

The Runs – punk rock band – a 4 piece band that knows how to get the crowd wild…and sweeping the floor – which most venues should appreciate. They recently recorded a video…a music video or a music docu video? I’m not sure. I can’t wait to see it, either way.

Ben Hur – indie rock band – high energy band that are sure to make an impact on the Fernie music scene.

Winter’s Son (used to be Forty Winters) – a new hard rock band – 4 piece band who play originals and a few covers which induce slightly uncontrollable dead banging with your eyes closed. It just happens without you knowing.

Bright West – barely known brother and sisters combo – I just had to put this in here. My brother and I started a little fun musical project. It’ll make you cry if you’re not prepared for it.

Requiem Of Innocence – local Metal Band

We Don’t Just Exist – hardcore punk band – and they’re recording

From Scratch – funk/blues/experimental/improv who knows. They sure don’t know how to label themselves but they know how to jam.

To find out where these bands might be playing in the next few months in Fernie, check out the events and shows page (located at the top of the page) but you can click here for now. If your band isn’t on here, let me know and I’ll add it. Easy.