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Featuring past event in Fernie

A Christmas Story

Orphan Christmas in Fernie BC - a small house, 7 families, loads of kids.

For days leading up to Christmas I was a bit worried about having 29 people at our small house for Christmas day dinner. 7 families, 14 kids, 15 adults, many beyblades ripping. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough food. I was worried the kids would be so crazy and wild, we wouldn’t be able to think straight. I was worried I didn’t have enough for people to do. All for nought! The party was great, the kids were civilized, the food was amazing and somehow, almost like a miracle, there was way too much to eat. My dessert plate was just as full as my dinner plate. I love when things just work out, with the help of 29 other people, that is. I’ll try and worry a little less because every holiday ends with a magnificent feast and fabulous company.

None of us have our families around but it’s much less noticeable when you have such a great Fernie family. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I Love Opening Day Weekend!

Fernie Alpine Resort Opening Day 2018 - fresh snow

You know why I love opening day in Fernie? It’s not what you might expect. Or maybe you know me well enough now to know exactly why I love opening day. Opening day means the start of skiing for my husband and kids…which leaves time for me to paint! YES! It was such a beautiful opening weekend, too. My family had a wonderful time at the hill and I painted until they came home hungry and tired legged. It was a wonderful weekend. It was a particularly good weekend for painting. I also attended a paint and sip type night with Angela Morgan and a group of amazing, supportive women. It was a night of wine, food and also fundraising for Angela’s daughter who wants to build houses in El Salvador.  I painted an Angela Morgan type painting in oils, which is a first for me, in two ways. It was a steep learning curve but I embraced my novice inferiority feelings and dove in. Hooray for opening day!

Goat Sauce At Fernie Hotel & Pub

I snapped some shots of my husband’s terribly named band. They rocked last night!

Festival Of Lights In Fernie

Michelle and I were artists in the Festival of Lights this past weekend and, although the work was hard, it was worth it. To be part of community projects is so important to me and to push us to work in a different way (glowing 3D objects!) gets the brain working double-time. Thank goodness Michelle doesn’t mind getting involved in these projects with me.

The whole event was incredibly fun. Parading around downtown with our families, dancing in a crowd, looking at the other brilliant art installations, drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks at the end. A great event for Fernie!


8 Years Ago

Rod and Brina Get Married in Fernie - Ceremony at RAW LodgeIt’s been eight years since Rod and I were married at Elk View Lodge. It has been known, by a few, as the best wedding they ever attended. So, that’s cool. I remember it fondly, as well. Way to go us! I will alway regret not taking the time to fix my bra strap, though.

Our Trip To Costa Rica

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our trip to Costa Rica this September. It was Costa Rica’s rainy season so we (four families from Fernie) were all prepared for mosquitoes, rain, dengue fever, sting rays, tantrums and sun burns but it ended up being much easier than I expected. We did get bit by mosquitoes but only a little. Only one of us got stung by a sting ray. Hardly any tantrums erupted and only a few noses pealed. The travel was tedious, no doubt, it took over 24 hours to get there and over 30 hours to return, but we did it and survived!

We surfed, played in the cool pool, hunted lizards, admired the massive butterflies, biked  around town, played on the beach, collected shells and ate some delicious food. It was just what I needed.

Star Wars, Take Two


Having heard that the opening night of Star Wars in Fernie didn’t sell out, we sauntered in at 6:45 last Sunday not expecting anything but a joyous theatre experience.

“Sold out? Come again?”

Let’s go back a few minutes…we had just eaten a large dinner, our babysitter and dear friend came over, something we generally don’t do often, and we biked downtown expecting to go out for a bite and drink after the movie.

Well, not wanting to put a downer on our night out, we walked over to Nevados for a few very tasty drinks and some great conversation. Things were looking up. It was only 8:30 when we came up with the idea of biking over to Yamagoya for some little bites and a few more drinks. So we do just that and run into a bunch of familiar faces. Oh, Fernie, I love ya. Rod and I got a booth (score), some more tasty drinks (yum) and awesome food. Interesting fact, for all those who bike or walk to Yamagoya, they aren’t taking off 10% your bill anymore. I’m off track here – a great night it was even without Star Wars.

The reason I mention all of this is we are going to try this once again tonight. It’s Sunday again, I realize that, but this time we’re going to try and get our tickets early and we’re not eating dinner in advance. We’re quick learners. Plus, this time we have friends joining us for the ride. Double date! Double trouble!