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Confessions of a Lazy Person : Back To School

School’s back and that means I’m back. Back to running, weekly schedules, getting organized, working hard and deeply breathing. The first week was a big transition for everyone. In the summer we were used to waking up whenever we felt like it, having fun outside all day and staying up late.

And we love summer.

I also love school time. It’s nice to mix it up a bit, like having seasons. And even though the kids are in school, we are still finding time to go for little hikes or bike rides in the evenings. Life is still good and fun! We’re just a little more scheduled.


Confessions of a Lazy Person : Blogging Block

photo of man sitting near radio

I’ve stopped posting on Small Town Social for a while and, truthfully, it felt good. I loved not having the blog at the back of my mind, always filing away information. A mini vacation was required.

I guess I’ll continue writing posts and searching out good Fernie information to share but this unsure feeling I have, I imagine it’s what it might feel like to be a radio host. You’re speaking but not quite sure anyone’s actually listening – except you, Thomas, you’ve been the most loyal to STS.

May the blogging continue!

Confessions of a Lazy Person : Cool Mornings

nature sky sunset the mountains

Thank goodness for these cool mornings or I’m not sure I would go running at all. I guess we’ll find out if the temperatures start to increase beyond 21 degrees. I’m wondering what other people do in the middle of summer – do you run only in the morning or at night when it cools? Do you even get drained by the heat? As soon as that sunlight hits my skin I want to stop running. I go from full tank to RED LIGHT ALMOST EMPTY within seconds.

Let’s hope the mornings stay cool so I won’t have to invest in a cool misting fan head strap contraption.

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Thoughts During A Quick Run

During my quick run this morning I was thinking once again about why I run and why I don’t run more or more often. Three times a week I get on my running shoes and I go for 20-30 minutes and that includes my warm up and cool down. I do the same run, with little to no change and I come home and carry on with my day. People have told me about not progressing if I don’t add more time or push myself harder.  I’ve heard about the adrenaline when you climb a hill and you reach the top. The rumours are probably true, I could become a great long distance runner if I tried. I could probably lose a bit of the baby weight I gained and still haven’t lost. But I love going for a quick run. I love getting sweaty for those 15-20 minutes and hopping in the shower. Once I’m out, I act like I just ran a marathon. I’ll then grab a couple sour patch kids, enjoy a cold beer on the back patio and put my feet up. I love it!

It’s hard to be okay with who you are when you have power houses as friends. I’m constantly reminding myself who I am and what I want to do with my time.

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Kicked Out Of The Gym


I wasn’t kicked out, that’s a little dramatic, but I was told my services weren’t needed anymore (the services that got me free gym access) so, therefore, I now have to pay, therefore, I will figure something else out. So I’ve resorted to videos in my basement and running on pavement because the trails have too much snow still. I’m running! That’s huge. I am running much better, albeit slower, than I was when running outdoors previously.

Just thought I’d let you know how I’m doing. I know you’re concerned and care for me. There you go!

Confessions of a Lazy Person : Just Shy Of One Year Later

When I broke my leg a year ago (minus one day) the surgeon informed that it will take 6-12 months to get back to where I was before I broke my leg. I thought he was crazy! A year? I’ve since heard a few stories of healing taking multiple years and I’m starting to think getting back to where I was before I broke my leg is going to be an impossibility. Do we ever go back to where we were before a break?

The good news is, I’m running again! I tried running on the treadmill a couple months ago and it resulted in some pretty uncomfortable limping and pain. If I’m not paying attention I can still limp but I ran for 10 minutes staying strong without a limp yesterday so I think I’m getting back on track. The other thing I noticed is when I run my ankle hurts a lot, and I’m thinking this might be a good thing. It’s pushing my ankle beyond what is comfortable, more than the other exercises I do. I’m also wondering if trail running would be better – the uneven ground would make my ankle work harder than a treadmill. I think it needs a little jostling around.

Some things to think about and experiment with. I honestly thought I’d be back to normal within 3 months of breaking my leg and ankle. This has been an eye opener.

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I’m Still Lazy

I’ve been going to the gym every other day and every other day I try and talk myself out of it. It’s a little ridiculous. Every time I go, I feel really good and never regret going – which is probably the thought that gets me to the gym in the end.

I’m not sure this need to not go to the gym will ever go away. It’s chronic. I think of myself when I was a child and I was very good at getting out of things, even century long church traditions, I still found a way to get around it. I didn’t really have a job as a kid and I barely did homework. Instead, I played a lot of video games, read many books and made large construction paper scenes. Let’s put it this way, I’d rather take pictures on a hike and only get half way than hike to the top of a mountain. I bet the view is beautiful from up there, though, and I would take a picture of it.

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know I’m still lazy but I’m still going to the gym. It’s the way I am, I guess. I’m going to try and embrace it.