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Free To Roam

Occasionally, the subject of free range kids comes up with friends. Should we allow our children to go alone beyond our “safe zone” aka: yard, when this doesn’t seem to be a popular trend? Our area of play was much larger when we were kids. I remember exploring the large back field behind my house when I was 6 years old and my mother was not watching us. I also had older brothers, so she might have expected them to watch over me.

How far would you let your 5 year old roam from your house?  Do you allow them to leave the yard? Go beyond the block? At what age do we allow them to go further? When does their world get bigger?

Living in Fernie, there doesn’t appear to be much danger…other than the distracted drivers, startled bears and fast flowing rivers.

One family I know in Fernie who allows their children a lot of freedom, very few boundaries, they’ seem to be fine. The children are a bit older than mine but I love the idea of free range kids…it’s just a bit hard to let go and know when they’re ready.

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Turning Lemons Into Lemon Loaf

We had some abandoned lemons at our house so I’ve been baking lemon rich recipes lately and I couldn’t be happier. It’s funny how you crave certain flavours more than others, and at times, only certain times of the year. There are rare occasions when I don’t want anything lemon flavoured, which might, honestly, only happen after a lemon heavy stint, such as next week. But sometimes I don’t want fruit, I’m just not into it, or in winter when you don’t want to even look at a salad. My body is saying: you don’t make friends with salad.

I’ve been told there’s a reason we grow foods seasonally, so in the summer we eat bananas because they cool us down in the heat. I’m going to pay close attention to my body and its cravings and eat lemon loaf when my body wants it (every day).

Here a questions, should we just be eating chickadees and deer in the winter? Think about it.

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Swimming In Fernie

Well, hello there. We’re getting right into Spring Break around here and my family is starting to plan a few things. We have some Club Cr8 mornings booked with the Arts Station, a few playdates and now we’re thinking about swimming. I looked up the Fernie public swim schedule and it’s very similar to their regular schedule, Monday-Friday 6:30am – 1pm / 3pm-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 12pm-6pm.

The Sparwood pool, which I love, has opened a few extra public swim times, as well. They’re now open 1-3pm Monday to Thursday and then a free swim on Fridays 4-5:30. Saturdays 2-5, 6-8, Sundays 1-4:30. They also have evening swim times that starts at 6:30 and ends anywhere from 8-9. A bit of salt water swim is good for the soul.

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So Disappointed In You, Snow

We’re at that time of year now when we get a bit of sunshine, warmth,  and we even take a layer off. It’s starting to feel like spring! Then it snows and we (I) get a bit disappointed. It happens every year, repeatedly, until it stops snowing, because we’re so excited about those sunny spring days…we forget we’re still in winter.

Today’s mantra, It’s still winter. It’s still winter. It’s still winter.

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Just A Little Rant – Long Recipe Blog Posts

Can I just say, I can’t stand how long recipe blog posts can be. A page that’s supposed to give me the best chicken thigh recipe turns into the bloggers life story about their pet chicken and their distaste for condiments…or something like that. ALL I want is THE recipe. Not a long story. Every time I find a recipe I’d like to try I have to scroll…scroll…scroll….scroll through all the extras to get to the good stuff. AND don’t get me started on the 50+ photos you scroll through of their perfectly baked chicken they’re not telling you how to cook! SIGH. I’m over it! Moving on. I feel better.

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