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Confessions of a Lazy Person : Back To School

School’s back and that means I’m back. Back to running, weekly schedules, getting organized, working hard and deeply breathing. The first week was a big transition for everyone. In the summer we were used to waking up whenever we felt like it, having fun outside all day and staying up late.

And we love summer.

I also love school time. It’s nice to mix it up a bit, like having seasons. And even though the kids are in school, we are still finding time to go for little hikes or bike rides in the evenings. Life is still good and fun! We’re just a little more scheduled.


Made It To Matheson Falls, Finally!

Matheson Falls, Fernie BC

Twelve years after my first time in Fernie, just under 10 years living here, I finally made it to Matheson Falls. I wonder how many other people have lived here and not made the short 20 minute journey up the river to this amazing spot. The water is frigid, which is perfect on a hot day like today, and the climb is rocky but you feel like you’re in another world.

The best part was watching the five kids, ages 3 to 6, having a blast on their way up to the falls. Not one of them complained for a second…okay, other than that one moment when someone had to go to the washroom and they didn’t want to do it in the forest. It was a cool afternoon spent on the mountain with friends, going on a little kid friendly adventure. It will be something we do every summer from now on.

It’s the number one spot to swim on this website:

And a facebook page with people’s photos of Matheson Falls:

Wasp or Bee Sting Home Treatment – Lemons!

photo of sliced lemons on white plate

A year ago I was having a little dinner party with friends, a nice multi-family summer bbq type event, when I got stung by a wasp on the palm of my hand. It hurt so much, I believe I screamed. Immediately someone rushed over and said, “Put some lemon juice on it.” So I sliced a lemon, rubbed it on my pounding flesh and I was instantly relieved. I barely even noticed it was there and quickly forgot it even happened. I was thinking to myself, “How did I not know this trick? I’ve been stung many times and just dealt with the pain and swelling with ice. When I was in my early twenties I was stung in a cafe downtown Toronto, just flipping through a magazine, and all I could do was put my ice cold beverage again my finger and put on a happy face…for hours.”

Now, just the other day, my son locks himself in the truck because a wasp stung his finger and I went right inside house, sliced up a lemon and gave it to him to rub on his wound. He reluctantly did so but when he did, he immediately stopped crying.

I felt like a hero. I stayed calm, got the lemon, relieved my son of pain. It felt good. I’d like to do the same for you. If you don’t already know this, keep lemons in the house in the summertime because you never know when a bee is going to be hidden under a washcloth.

Perhaps, you have your own home remedy, for bees or anything else using household items. I love this stuff! I want to hear it.

Phones Cannot Swim

Phoenix on a bike ride - Instagram

I’ve had my iPhone 4S since my daughter was 6 months old. She’s almost 7! I’ve mentioned this cellphone a few times along the way but today, perhaps, it might have dinged it’s last ding. It might have taken its last photo of my children. It might have overheated in my truck dashboard for the last time. The poor thing. I’ve taken this phone for a long ride and it’s now a dark black screen of nothing. Phones cannot swim. They die. Lesson relearned.

It’s in rice right now but I’m already researching what phone I’m going to get next and it’s going to be AMAZING compared to the old grandpa phone I was using. Look at me, I’ve moved on so quickly.

So obviously I want a new iPhone can but can you recommend something better?

Am I Going Crazy?

brina schenk - sketch book

Do you ever think you’re just days away from being strapped in a…gosh, I can’t even think of the word…that white suit that straps you down so you don’t hurt yourself. Straitjacket! That’s the word. See?

There is this story that I hear every few months and every time I hear it I’m blown away, like I’ve never heard that story before. I’ve heard it three times now!! Every time my reaction is the same. “NO WAY! Does Rob and Marie know??”

And just moments later, sometimes more, I remember the exact time I heard that story before. Some people must think I’m just crazy.

Being in my 40s is serious business. My memory is becoming quite selective and slow.

The Power of Slugs


Children get emotional. All them of them do and there’s always a reason but most of the time it’s hard for them to explain why. What started off as a terribly emotional morning changed instantly the second we met a slug on our walk to school this morning.

I’ve come to cherish our morning walks to school because it often gives us time to fix whatever happened previously, to “reboot” as I like to call it, because mornings can be difficult at our house. At the end of the day it’s a nice walk home to reminisce, give piggy back rides and take turns kicking a stone or a pinecone along the way. If I’m going to hear a story, it will most likely happen on our walk home or at the dinner table, the times when you’re forced to be together and not get distracted by other things.

So this morning we met a slug and it turned all three of us into a skipping, joking, happy family. Sometimes a good distraction is all we need, or perhaps it’s the power of nature at its slimiest. We can’t always come across a slug when we’re in a foul mood but maybe just a walk through Annex park is just what the Dr. would prescribe. I’ll give it a try this summer when we spend every minute of every day together, which can be distressing for everyone.

The Play Room News

My friend Emma runs The Play Room in Fernie, BC, a cool, safe little place to bring your kids and friends. Now they’re offering kids clothing consignment AND a nice and easy 3 punch pass for $10…but lets get back to the consignment clothes.

“Have some kids clothing in EUC? Save yourself the hassle of posting online and having people come to your home and bring them on in to The Play Room next time you come to play and make a little extra cash.”