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New Years Resolutions – Nothing But Questions

It’s all perspective. Before the clock struck 12 last night I was determined to eat better, be better, feel better and just try and be better at everything. I woke up this morning and thought “How depressing!” This year I’m going to try and do the one thing my parents dreamed for me when I grew up: be happy. So that’s my resolution. Be happy with my eating, myself and my feelings.

The problem with this is, by just deciding to be happy, what will I strive for? Does deciding to be happy with everything make you complacent? Because I have goals still and I want to reach them but if I’m happy with my decisions all the time will I just ignore the things that are more difficult? Will I end up doing only the things that are easy and good in the short term? Because those miniature moments of happiness makes me happy. Right?

Well, that’s even more depressing and I think unrealistic. It’s like I’m working this all out out loud. Having goals and working towards them, working hard and even failing, but being okay with that, that’s being happy. (?)

But will I find the time for all the things I want to do when Letterkenny is calling my name??

Life is hard!

My parents wanted the one thing in life that is the hardest to achieve.



A Christmas Story

Orphan Christmas in Fernie BC - a small house, 7 families, loads of kids.

For days leading up to Christmas I was a bit worried about having 29 people at our small house for Christmas day dinner. 7 families, 14 kids, 15 adults, many beyblades ripping. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough food. I was worried the kids would be so crazy and wild, we wouldn’t be able to think straight. I was worried I didn’t have enough for people to do. All for nought! The party was great, the kids were civilized, the food was amazing and somehow, almost like a miracle, there was way too much to eat. My dessert plate was just as full as my dinner plate. I love when things just work out, with the help of 29 other people, that is. I’ll try and worry a little less because every holiday ends with a magnificent feast and fabulous company.

None of us have our families around but it’s much less noticeable when you have such a great Fernie family. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Fernie Mom : I Want To Throw Out Everything In My House

It’s that time of year again! I think it happens about 3 times every year, for me. When you want to clean and rid of all the useless things in your house. Things that collect dust and aren’t being used/played with or those objects in your house that just always get in the way and you don’t know why you even have it (baby gate leaning up against the wall for about 3 years now, I’m looking at you). I want it all gone.

I might do it!

A friend of mine, an older woman with no kids in the house, has an empty house and I love visiting her. They has art on the walls, furniture, just a couple things on tables but hardly anything at all and I’m so jealous.

But what if I need that 4′ x 3′ crinkled up map of earth in the future! What if Roman asks me where Australia is again! That’s what I always think and that’s why we still have it and the baby gate and the other things in our house.

I might just do it!

scrap metal trash litter scrapyard

Google That Sh#t: Does Wearing A Toque For Long Periods Of Time Affect Hair Growth?

Toques By Tristen Paris

These are the kinds of things I think about in the winter, when I don’t want to do my hair but I DO want to wear toques all the time. Does wearing a toque for long periods of time affect hair growth? Now, I did google it and the answer I came up with is: NO! Wearing a hat does not affect hair growth but wearing a dirty hat might. So keep it clean, everyone, and love your toques!

Settling Into Winter

I find when summer comes along, even those nice, early spring days, we are packing in as much fun as we can. We’re planning our camping, beach days, picnics, hikes, bbqs, floats and frog hunting days because time is flying by. Summer will be over in no time!! And then winter comes. And no one is in a panic to get winter things done because winter goes on FOREVER. It sounds as though I speaking for everyone. Do I? I don’t know. You gotta admit, there’s plenty of time to get in some sled days, ski days and skating on the pond days. You don’t need to schedule anything. Winter is 6 months long!

So now, here I am, settling into the idea that winter is back and we can no longer swim in the lakes or hear a limitless variety of bird songs. Just relax and enjoy the long winter ride.

Winter in Fernie - Icy River, Cattails, Early Winter 2018

You Have Something To Say

A Star Is Born - MovieI went with a few friends to see A Star Is Born on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. It is a tragic love story that makes you believe in that raw, passionate, in the moment love again. Love is messy! Love is always changing but that’s not what I got from the movie. The message that I took home with me was that having talent is one thing but talent with something to say can change the world.

Now, I completely believe in that, which is why I get so blasé about some of the artwork I produce. I just don’t see the message in it. I’ll put my coffee mug on my illustrations and a witness will say “Do you treat your art like that?” I do. I don’t treat all my art that way. But I don’t see everything as precious. What do I find precious? What do I want my paintings to say? That’s my big question right now. Not that my art is going to change the world, but I believe in art. It’s so interesting the feelings I get when I paint, when I REALLY paint. I get lost in it, which is why I have an alarm on my phone that tells me when to get the kids from school.

What’s my message.

Music Break : If You Really Love Nothing (Reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)

I got home from school drop off and came to my computer, like I do every morning after drop off, and opened Spotify. Looking for something different to listen to, I clicked on the Release Radar mix. The first song I heard was this and I felt it was just the perfect song for this morning.

I’ve been reading a book called Road Ends by Mary Lawson. It’s about a family who lives in northern Ontario, set in the late 1960s, and the struggles they deal with from their past and present. The mother locks herself in her room with her newborn and slowly fades away, completely obliviously to the rest of the family, the father lives a life of regret and fails to step up to his role as father, and the kids, well, the kids are surviving the best they know how. About 15 pages from the end I put the book down and I cleaned up all the toys on the floor I’ve been ignoring, put away all the drawings my kids have 1/2 finished that just sit around the house, I put away clothes on the floor that I pretend aren’t there and threw out a banana peel from under the coffee table that looked like I caught it just in time. Life can get away from you. I get it but I don’t want that. I want to step up. My kids deserve to be kids and I should be there to support them and show them how to love even when things aren’t going our way. Gosh, books, I love them. I love music, too. Now it’s time to draw!