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Found On Instagram : Capybara Olympic Dive Wins Gold


Tesla’s New Solar Roof

The talk of halloween day.

Fernie On Instagram : Winter Of Our Content


Fernie In The News

I would have to agree that Fernie is a picture perfect mountain town. A great place for a ski/winter family vacation. What the writer doesn’t know, or maybe he doesn’t but it’s not his focus, is that this is also a great town full of great people. The people of Fernie and the surrounding area really care about our home and they’re always coming up with new and exciting ideas to make this town even more perfect. This town is made up of doers.

Get up, get out and do something.


On The Web : Elk River Alliance’s 5 Things To Know Before You Float

Elk River Alliance - 5 things to know before you float the elk river in Fernie

Some good tips for floating the Elk River in Fernie, BC on

On The Web : The Comma Queen

new yorker - comma queen video series


I am guilty of poor punctuation. I go, comma, crazy, sometimes, so I should watch this video, series over and over and over again on The New Yorker, to stay, sharp.

The Comma Queen video series.

Fernie And Social Media. What’s up?

social media in fernie bc

Oh, Fernie. I doubt it’s just Fernie but I’m finding more and more businesses in the area that are missing out on all the fun and amazing ways to get their business online. There’s so much information you could be giving us and, more importantly, you can keep building your brand. Get us excited! Social media is not something most businesses put a lot of time and energy in and some really don’t need to but for those of us who are online and browsing and hungry for information (me) it’s a bit sad when I see a last posting in 2012 and they’re still in businesses today.

I have to say, I must exclude some decent local social media users but most of them stick to one outlet. Mostly Facebook? I think. I must exclude a few, such as, Fernie Alpine Resort, Property Guys, Kyle Hamilton, Heaven, Freyja, Fernie Fix, Fernie Brewing Co.,..and I’m sure there’s more.

Getting into any social media outlet isn’t easy and it’s a high learning curve and takes some creativity, energy and want to do it well. If it’s a chore, you’re probably not going to do it at all. You have to see for yourself the potential for businesses on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and even YouTube. The whole world loves Fernie! We should show them what you’ve got.

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I should be offering my services to people in town. Do a little trades? Get the ball rolling? I don’t know. If you want to talk, I’m here. Let’s figure this out! That includes you, City of Fernie!

Thanks for listening/reading. I already feel better.