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Updates on the people behind Small Town Social

Festival Of Lights In Fernie

Michelle and I were artists in the Festival of Lights this past weekend and, although the work was hard, it was worth it. To be part of community projects is so important to me and to push us to work in a different way (glowing 3D objects!) gets the brain working double-time. Thank goodness Michelle doesn’t mind getting involved in these projects with me.

The whole event was incredibly fun. Parading around downtown with our families, dancing in a crowd, looking at the other brilliant art installations, drinking hot chocolate and watching fireworks at the end. A great event for Fernie!


9 Years!

Party At El Guapo With Optimus Prime

I started Small Town Social 9 years ago today! What a special day today is. It’s been an interesting experience, writing for a blog like this. When I started STS it was because I found there to be a lack of communication between local businesses and the public. Bands would come and go and I would usually miss it. I had to read Fernie Fix religiously, and even they can’t list everything that’s happening, especially if it’s planned after the issue goes to print. I tried to fill a gap and to have fun with it. Now it’s hardly needed because of Facebook, Instagram and all the other online resources this town has, yet, I’m still writing.

I’ve tried to quit a few times and I failed at that. I keep coming back to it. It’s nice to have a place to put your thoughts when you want to share them. I don’t like sharing thoughts on Facebook but I like sharing thoughts here. Maybe, I feel like this is my space and no one else’s. I have more control and, perhaps, I enjoy not getting responses and encouragement – not to say you can’t encourage me. I don’t want to put value in my posts based on the amount of comments or likes I get.

My life isn’t that important and special. I know that! But having a blog doesn’t mean you’re any of those things. Blogging is just about sharing and I find sharing meaningful, just like painting.

So, thank you for reading my blog!


STS On Vacation

Sometimes when I go away I try to have a few posts ready to go but this time it’s going to be a little different. What you’re going to see is this post for the next two weeks. It’s a pretty good one, though. It’s a kitten! Awe.

I’ll be back with a new zest for blogging, I just know it! Don’t miss me too much.

russian blue kitten on brown woven basket

Small Town Social : Shhhhh Don’t Worry

small town social - taking a slow down break

I’m excited to show you what I’ll be up to…but patience is in order. The fun still needs to happen. I’ll have a few posts ready for you though, I don’t want to leave you high and dry.

It’s good to slow down and smell the coffee once in a while.

A Slow And Painful Death

That’s it. I’ve decided I am now done with Small Town Social The Blog. It’s been a slow and painful death since early 2011 and I shall end this blog today in a dignified manner, although, I think it’s too late for that.

It’s been fun.

I’ll keep the blog live because it’s free and I have a lot of good memories on here but my Small Town Social Twitter account is still active because I kind of enjoy Twitter; so if you need me, and you really don’t, I’ll be there.

Thanks! Later.