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Views Of Fernie : Library Vine Is Changing Colour

Fernie Heritage Library - Courtyard vines changing colour

A sure sign that summer is almost over – it’s still a beautiful thing to see in the courtyard at Fernie Heritage Library when the colours change. I also adore Nevados’ patio around this time of year.

Views Of Fernie : FAR Kidz Carnival

Fernie Ski Hill - Summer Kidz Carnival - Face Painting

We caught the last 10 minutes of the Fernie Alpine Resort Griz Kidz Summer Carnival on Saturday. Apparently, it was the perfect time to show up because there were long line ups for face painting and I’m sure all the other games. We were the only ones there! I think I have the rain to thank for that. So, thanks, Rain, and the friendly people at the carnival.

Fernie Ski Hill - Summer Kidz Carnival - Connect 4

Views Of Fernie : Intimate Moments, News, Dr Seuss & Belly Laughs

Fernie BC - Drawing Club - emotions in clay 15_fernie_big_news Fernie BC - Intimate Insect Moments in Gardens Engrossed in Dr Seuss after The Blue Toque brunch

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Views Of Fernie : Floating, Angels, Markets and Gardens

Fernie Float Down Elk River
(Refreshing float down the Elk River)

EcoGarden (Community Garden in Fernie) Angel Garden
(Angel Garden at Fernie’s Community Garden)

Fernie Sunday Market In Rotary Park
(Fernie’s Sunday market begins)

Little Sprouts Kids Program at EcoGarden Fernie
(Little Sprouts getting started at EcoGarden)

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Views Of Fernie : Canada Day

canada day in fernie bc - aquatic centre

The change in location for the Canada Day festival was a smart idea. At first I thought “What’s up with that?” because we all fear change…but the Fernie Aquatic Centre had much more going for it. There was the bike park, splash park, exercise machines and the pool. Besides all the permanent features the organizers brought in a lot more food vendors, a big craft market, a stage with live music, a dunk tank. For the little kids there was a covered craft area, sandbox, fishing pool, tattoos, face painting (Phoenix had her face painted for the first time ever because there was no line up for the first time ever), and I hear there was cake and watermelon, but I didn’t get there in time for that. A great day even though I was sure I was melting in the sun.

Rod disturbed Phoenix from her slumber so they could sit on our roof for the fireworks, which is becoming a bit of a tradition, but I was so tired from the busy, hot day that I went to bed a passed out immediately….after reading a couple pages from my book.

canada day in fernie bc - face painting canada day in fernie bc - busy splash park canada day in fernie bc - free tattoos

Views Of Fernie : Maiden Lake Is Beautiful

maiden lake wild flowers - fernie bc

If you don’t look south, Maiden Lake is a beautiful place. I’ve been joining a few morning at this spot, before the sun comes out and melts us. The wild flowers are gorgeous right now which may be the reason everyone seems so happy and friendly down there.

maiden lake fernie bc - mountains and canadian geese maiden lake fernie, bc - purple wild flowers maiden lake fernie, bc - swimmer fernie bc, maiden lake - flowers and mountains : beautiful

Views Of Fernie : Wild Flowers Popping

fernie bc - wild flowers

We were biking along the river and it was dandelion after dandelion (times a million) and then BAM these beautiful little blue flowers.

This is just the beginning.