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Life On Etsy – Small Town Creative Business

Graphic Art Print - Illustrations by Brina - Download and Print Home Decor

I live in Fernie and I’m a creative person. It’s all I want to do – drawing, paint, make mobiles, build things with my hands. I also have two kids who are still quite young and need a lot of attention. Being a creative mom is easier now than it probably ever was in a small town. I’m blessed to be in a situation where my husband can work full time, with flexible hours and I can be the main daytime caregiver to our kids. I can still find time to draw, build, paint and play in between all the craziness. Making stuff is one thing, selling it is another. I’ve decided recently to try out this whole ETSY handmade marketplace. I figure it would be a good place to start! So I’ve gone and done it. I have two things happening right now – Annex Suspended (cool mobiles with Michelle Galway) and Brina And Friends Art (so far by myself but I have plans to add other talent).

I’ll let you know how it goes! So far we haven’t sold anything but being on ETSY is like some strange video game or a puzzle that I need to figure out. You can’t just post things on there and the money rolls in. But my kids are both going to be in school full time soon and I need to figure this stuff out. Tick tick tick tick tick tick….



Get Reading – Next Booked! Author Reading At Fernie Heritage Library

Adam Lewis Schroeder - at Fernie Heritage Library - Booked!

Fernie Early Years Colour Contest

Fernie Early Years - Colouring Contest - Colouring Sheet by ColourMe Fernie

From Facebook:

“COLORING CONTEST! Stop by the Early Years Hub at the Library today from 1:00-3:00 and pick up one of these coloring sheets for your kids for our coloring contest!”

Youth Programs Through Fernie Heritage Library

Fernie Heritage Library - Back To School Kids Programs - Lego, Creative Programslibrary_teenprograms

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 16-20)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10) (PG. 11-15)


I’d like to thank a few people:

Sandra Boer, who encourages me and, also, writes grants to allow me to continue making these fun projects.
Marie-Kristine Landry….or is it Stevenson, who edited my story for me just days before I had to put it up at Wapiti Music Festival.
Rodney Brink, for taking the kids for numerous bike rides, aerial park trips and generally allowed me the time to get the work done.
Janelle Park, for always asking to see my progress and giving me wonderful feedback.
Phil McLachlan, at The Free Press, for writing a sweet, little article on my story.

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 11-15)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Life Paththetraveller_digital12thetraveller_digital13thetraveller_digital14thetraveller_digital15

To be continued…

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 6-10)

(PG. 1-5)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Conscience, Doubt,thetraveller_digital7thetraveller_digital8thetraveller_digital9thetraveller_digital10

To be continued