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No School Friday Club Cre8 At The Arts Station

Club Cre8 No School Fridays at The Arts Station


Annex Suspended Launch Sale

Annex Suspended Handmade Mobiles - Nursery, Neutral Crib Mobiles - Made in Canada

Michelle and I decided we are now going to offer 25% off on our new monthly mobiles but for only 7 days! This February, Annex Suspended released eight new mobiles. Check them out on our website or on Etsy.

We’re working fast and we’re working hard on making 2018 a year to remember.

Rotary Park At The Rusty Edge

Alt-bluegrass, melody driven folk, or progressive Canadiana. Call it what you will, the bottom line is Rotary Park are masters of their craft and will be putting on an amazing show right here at the Rusty Edge! Show @ 8pm, NO COVER


The Vagina Monologues In Fernie

Fernie Vagina Monologues at The Arts Station

What I’ve Been Reading : The Year of Living Biblically

This was an Accidental Book Club requested reading and I just so happened to have it on my bookshelf. My friend Marie dropped the book off years ago and I just never picked it up. The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs, a type of immersion journalism, ended up being a very interesting read. Through the book he tries to live his life to the literal laws of the bible. There are hundreds of laws, too many for one year and only a fraction of them can actually be attempted in this day and age…although that doesn’t stop him from trying to stone an adulterer or preform an animal sacrifice. Jacobs then decides to tackle one at a time, as well as a combination of about twenty easier rules and laws for every day. The “easier” ones include prayer, being honest, honouring the sabbath, not killing anyone, honouring your mother and father etc. He also follows a handful of Hassidic Jewish laws, such as no mixed fibres, you cannot cut or even trim your beard or the hair on the sides of your head, tithing and he cannot touch women because they could be menstruating or sit in a place where woman who menstruate may have sat.

AJ also visits other religious communities. He takes a few road trips to Amish, Creationists, Jehovah Witness, Red-Letter Christians and many more religious groups. He tries his best to go in with an open mind but in the end he admits he has his limits. He does note that most sects end up following the rules and laws that suit their needs and wants…or possible translations of ancient scriptures. SO interesting!

As he lives this literal biblical life he makes a few revelations about prayer, choices, being thankful, showing kindness to strangers and other honourable ways of living. I love how he questions whether having choices in our lives is helping us to live a good life. When a religion supplies a set of laws, you don’t have to think so much about what you need to do or how you need to live your life.

AJ Jacobs wrote a good book. I probably won’t read it again but I enjoyed the laughs and his points of view and he is most certainly a talented wordsmith.

Annex Suspended’s Custom Sheep Dog Mobile In Motion

Just wanted to show this off! This custom mobile is amazing and I’m proud to call Michelle my partner. Michelle created this mobile and needle felted all of these pieces for a local family. She even made the dog look exactly like the family’s Australian Kelpie. Crazy stuff.

Did You Know: Public Art Project – Fernie Wants To Hear From You

did you know - city of fernie news

The City of Fernie Public Art Evaluation Committee is hosting an engagement session on Friday, December 22 to give the community an opportunity to comment on a public art piece proposed for the Station Square Redevelopment.

The artists of the short-listed piece will be available at the Art Station from 5-6pm, prior to the event Caroling by Candlelight, to explain the piece and any answer questions. The architect of the Station Square redesign will also be on hand with her model of the square for anyone wishing to see how the art piece will fit into the new public space.

The public art piece is being funded by the Province of BC through a BC Canada 150 Heritage Legacy grant and funding from the Resort Municipality Initiative.

If you would like to offer feedback and are unable to attend the engagement session you can read more about the project below and send the feedback form to by January 4, 2018.

View the project here.

Some feedback on facebook:

KL:  As an ex-pat, I don’t think its my place to comment officially, but as the child of one of Fernie’s history nuts, I do want to say something — the reason Fernie has so many stone and brick buildings now is because the fires of 1904 and 1908 burned all of the wooden structures down. The illustration of the proposed project gives the appearance of burned out concrete buildings (actually it’s quite reminiscent of the still standing concrete shell of the tipple in Hosmer), yet most of the buildings (and all of the homes) destroyed by the fire were wooden structures, and it was the loss of homes that had the most impact on the residents at the time.

My dad has a tape recording of an interview with a long-time area resident that was alive when the fire burned through the valley, and she told an amazing story of evacuating Fernie on a freight train, and taking refuge in the coke ovens in Hosmer (normally meant to keep fire in, they were used by many to keep the fire out!).

RH: Love this Mike! I like the way that the structures reflect both the permanence of Fernie itself, and the fragility of the structures as they were then. I also see reflections of the 3 sisters in the forms, was that deliberate? Nicely done. Comments sent to the City.

SA: Cool! Paul Reimer has given the artistic edge to Calgary too