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Music Break – Always Forever

May this song get stuck in your head like it did mine.

Music Break : Blame Michelle

Michelle was all “hey, you gotta listen to Billie Eilish’s bad guy” and I’m all like “okay” and now I can’t get this song out of my head. Literally, all. day. long. it’s playing in the background.

The song is a bit creepy and so is the video but so catchy.

Music Break : Sorcha Richardson


I’m lovin’ it.

Music Break : Overboard

Anyone else listen to Catherine Wheel when you were young? This song Overboard really reminds me of Catherine Wheel. Black Metallic anyone? That song takes me back to my college days.


Music Break : Manchester Orchestra


I love finding new interesting bands. Yesterday I came across Manchester Orchestra in my Discover Weekly playlist and I had to find out more about them. Lead, SD is one song that stood out. A bit heavier than my usual but you can’t listen to soft and sweet all the time.