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Nordic Trails Closed in Fernie Golf Course

“LATEST NEWS:   The Golf Course management has now closed the trails to skiing due to melting snow.”

I really enjoyed the skiing at the golf course this winter. It’s close to home, you could do a short loop if you wanted to, and it’s not full of mountainous hills. I’ll miss it!

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Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I’m Actually Excited To Run Again

I haven’t been running since the first snowfall. Not that I have completely given up on activity this winter, but it’s been sporadic. A bit of fat biking or cross-country skiing sprinkled throughout the winter, and that’s about it. I’m the first one to tell you I’ve been pretty lazy this winter. I’m okay with hibernating for the winter, I have no guilt over it but I’m feeling quite soft and ready to go.

Now that the snow is melting and the roads are clearing, I’m actually wanting to run again. I WANT to.

Spring is here!

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So Disappointed In You, Snow

We’re at that time of year now when we get a bit of sunshine, warmth,  and we even take a layer off. It’s starting to feel like spring! Then it snows and we (I) get a bit disappointed. It happens every year, repeatedly, until it stops snowing, because we’re so excited about those sunny spring days…we forget we’re still in winter.

Today’s mantra, It’s still winter. It’s still winter. It’s still winter.

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Fernie Inspired Drawing

Fernie - you're so wet

This morning I was inspired to make this quick drawing. I’m not sure why…there’s just something so familiar about it.

Heatwave Coming – Prepare Yourselves

Fernie BC - June 2015 Heatwave coming

I’m feeling for all the pregnant ladies out there…and everyone else because no one enjoys 40 degree weather. See you at the lake! I’ll be the one under an umbrella in the shade with a white cream all over my body sipping on ice cold lemonade.