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BC Bats – Learn and Count

BC Bats Learn and Count Bat Community Project, Fernie, BC Elk Valley

Join the Kootenay Community Bat Project on Tuesday, June 11 at the Big Red Barn in Cokato (4349 Cokato Road) for an informational session and bat count.

Informational Session: 8:30-9:30pm
Bat Count: 9:45 – 11:30pm

For more info contact Harmony Lloyd at 250.430.7122.

For all things batty please visit

Bear Activity Blog

Grizzly Bear in Fernie - Bear Aware

Looking for updated wildlife information? Wildsafe BC is doing a lot to keep the valley informed. Check out their programs and updates here:

Wildlife In Fernie

Fernie BC of Little Bear Cub Feeding on Wildberries

There’s a young moose in the Annex and its mom by Maiden Lake, there are moose in Montane and a grizzly, rumoured, hanging out by the cemetery and a black bear(s) rummaging around Slalom Drive to Ridgemont area. Bear warning signs are also found in the Airport. Now if animals were online I’d be all “What are we supposed to do, Wild Animals?!” I would also send them a text message saying “We come in peace.” We can’t go near them but we want to run or bike or just be outside with our kids and not threaten them by accident. Living in a place like Fernie sure does have its challenges. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

To be somewhat updated on Fernie’s wildlife sightings, you can check

Happy Planet Earth Day!

I went back at least 8 years and collected a few beauty shots from our days in Fernie. This truly is a magical place, in all seasons. Happy Earth Day!

Fernie On Instagram : Moose In The Parking Lot


Rock Message : Me. Too.

Rock message about liking birds

WildSafeBC Update : Fernie, Sparwood and Elko

Elk Valley Bear Aware Posting from today:

“Monday August 24. Bear sightings, bears eating garbage left outdoors, bears eating apples dumped at compost sites and on apple trees in backyards, people approaching bears and taking photos of bears reported all over Elk Valley communities. Here is a brief summary.” Read more here.

On the same note, on Wednesday, August 26th at the Fernie Bike Park Gazebo, Bear Aware is holding a free presentation on what to do when you encounter a bear.

“Due to popular demand WildSafeBC will be doing a short public presentation (30 minutes) on preventing wildlife encounters and how to safely use bear spray.   Inert bear spray (bear spray without the cayenne pepper) will be used to demonstrate.  This is your opportunity for hands on practice with the inert spray.” Read more here.