Fernie 2017 Excellence Award Nominations


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There are multiple categories for your nominations – Spirit of Fernie Award (a not-for-profit organization), Volunteer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, New Business of the Year and so on. You can nominate using this survey until September 15th:



Tonight! Free Workshop : Immune Strategy With Dr. Mike Rumpel

Free Workshop Immune Strategy - Elk Valley Family Chiropractic

Youth Programs Through Fernie Heritage Library

Fernie Heritage Library - Back To School Kids Programs - Lego, Creative Programslibrary_teenprograms

Knead To Know Youth Cooking School At The Valley Social

Knead to Know Cooking School is offering classes for youth Wednesday and Thursday afternoons this fall located at The Valley Social Company.

Check out https://www.sarahjanemac.com/knead-to-know for more information and to register for this 12 course program. Each class includes a meal prepared and enjoyed by the students!

Knead To Know - Youth Cooking Classes at The Valley Social

What a great idea!

Did You Know : New Regulations For Short Term Rentals

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Hot topic of 2017!!

From City of Fernie’s website:

On August 14th, 2017 Administration presented Council with a framework identifying the bylaws and types of changes believed necessary to create Fernie-appropriate and enforceable Short-Term Rental (STR) regulation.

Council approved the framework and has directed Administration to use it to prepare bylaw amendments to implement the regulations.  It is expected that the bylaw will be presented to Council for consideration on September 11th, 2017.

For full details check out the website here.

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Progress In Flexibility

Gauge my recovery from broken leg and ankle

Giving a lazy person, who broke her leg, a list of exercises to do on her own isn’t the greatest plan. I will confess, I’m not the best at sticking with my physiotherapy. I do it occasionally – every week! – but not like I should. It’s been 9 months, almost to the day, since the injury and I attempted running for the first time last week. Woohoo right? Not really. I found out that running gives me a terrible limp. So I tried speed walking, which felt better and I could maintain a healthy stride. Also funny to note, the second I started prancing/running like a horse I lost my limp for about 10 seconds and then it came back. You can’t say I didn’t try and I was happy there was no one around on the trail that day. For you, I hope there was a drone flying above catching all of that on video.

My gauge as to where I am in my ankle flexibility is this: I put my toes half an inch from a wall and try and bend my knee to touch the wall. Should be easy. When I started physio my knee was about 10 cm from the wall. Most days I’m so stiff I’m still 3 cm from the wall. Fast forward to last night at the gym for an hour. I checked a bunch of exercises off my list from physio and a few additional exercises and at the end of the hour I could move my leg 2 inches from the wall and still touch the wall with my knee. HUGE! So huge. Nothing motivates me more than seeing such amazing progress, so I guess I’ll be going to the gym and doing my incline treadmill walks, lunges and bosu ball balance exercises more often.

I knew you wanted to be kept up to date with my recovery and running attempts. You’re welcome.


Family Safety Day 2017

Family Safety Day - Fernie Community Centre