Yeah, Isabella Glee Club!

I hardly know these kids but seeing these kids singing together for the CBC music class challenge almost got me teary eyed. I’m such a sucker for group performances.


Did You Know: Fernie’s Canada Post Office Holiday Hours

Online shopping is something we do in Fernie. We don’t love doing it (secretly we do) because we want to support local businesses and makers and we do that as much as we can. Sometimes you need Avery Labels 22827 and you don’t want to drive to Cranbrook to get them, or you want to get a dragon bathrobe for your son and you need to order it from Amazon. It’s the way of life in Fernie. We get to type in some letters and numbers into a computer and find literally anything we want. Plus, there are the packages coming in from family and friends that need to be picked up. Long story short, here’s the post office extended holiday hours:

Counter Hours
08:30 – 19:00
08:30 – 19:00
08:30 – 19:00
08:30 – 19:00
08:30 – 17:00
09:00 – 15:00

Confessions Of A Lazy Person : I Love Opening Day Weekend!

Fernie Alpine Resort Opening Day 2018 - fresh snow

You know why I love opening day in Fernie? It’s not what you might expect. Or maybe you know me well enough now to know exactly why I love opening day. Opening day means the start of skiing for my husband and kids…which leaves time for me to paint! YES! It was such a beautiful opening weekend, too. My family had a wonderful time at the hill and I painted until they came home hungry and tired legged. It was a wonderful weekend. It was a particularly good weekend for painting. I also attended a paint and sip type night with Angela Morgan and a group of amazing, supportive women. It was a night of wine, food and also fundraising for Angela’s daughter who wants to build houses in El Salvador.  I painted an Angela Morgan type painting in oils, which is a first for me, in two ways. It was a steep learning curve but I embraced my novice inferiority feelings and dove in. Hooray for opening day!

Google That Sh#t: Does Wearing A Toque For Long Periods Of Time Affect Hair Growth?

Toques By Tristen Paris

These are the kinds of things I think about in the winter, when I don’t want to do my hair but I DO want to wear toques all the time. Does wearing a toque for long periods of time affect hair growth? Now, I did google it and the answer I came up with is: NO! Wearing a hat does not affect hair growth but wearing a dirty hat might. So keep it clean, everyone, and love your toques!

Fernie On Instagram : Freyja Lifestyle

I’ve been loving these new photos by Fernie’s Freyja, featuring my neighbour Anna. I do not have overalls but I think I need some now!

Settling Into Winter

I find when summer comes along, even those nice, early spring days, we are packing in as much fun as we can. We’re planning our camping, beach days, picnics, hikes, bbqs, floats and frog hunting days because time is flying by. Summer will be over in no time!! And then winter comes. And no one is in a panic to get winter things done because winter goes on FOREVER. It sounds as though I speaking for everyone. Do I? I don’t know. You gotta admit, there’s plenty of time to get in some sled days, ski days and skating on the pond days. You don’t need to schedule anything. Winter is 6 months long!

So now, here I am, settling into the idea that winter is back and we can no longer swim in the lakes or hear a limitless variety of bird songs. Just relax and enjoy the long winter ride.

Winter in Fernie - Icy River, Cattails, Early Winter 2018

National Alert System

woman holding a phone

From RDEK on Facebook:

Reminder About National Alert System (Posted: Nov.29.18)

Yesterday afternoon the buzzing of cellphone alerts could be heard across the country as the national alert system was tested. Here in BC, that alert system will ONLY be used for TSUNAMI warnings.

We want to make sure residents of the region are aware that this system is only intended to warn of tsunamis – is not able to be used for local emergencies and local governments have no access to it.

There is a system in development for British Columbians that will be designed for provincial and local emergencies; however, it will not be in place until likely 2020. In the interim, the RDEK is nearing completion on a local mass notification system that residents will be able to sign up for to get alerts about wide-scale local emergency alerts (such as fire and floods). We will keep residents informed once the program is ready to launch.”