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Road Trip To Lethbridge

Rod’s parents flew out to Fernie a few weeks ago to meet their first and only granddaughter and to help out around the house. It was really nice to have them around even though we didn’t get to do too much with them due to a fiery little dragon…but in the end we drove them to Alberta for a 50th Anniversary of Roelie’s older brother and these are a few photos I took along the way. It was Phoenix’s first time in Alberta (she was stoked) and our first time as Executive Members at Costco (we are stoked.)

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripFrom Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripCarl and Roelie – Just livin

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripShe slept the whole way there and back! Mostly.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripWe brought the amazing Pumpkin Loaf from Loaf Bakery to snack on. You gotta have road trip snacks.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripI just liked this photo. That’s all.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripWe were waiting for Rod’s parents to check-in to their hotel so I played around with the camera a bit. It’s not too often Rod and I are in the same photo. We must treasure this moment.

From Fernie to Lethbridge - Family RoadtripThis is what I did while the Anniversary “program” was taking place…because Phoenix was only content while laying on this table… so I took pictures of all the hilarious faces she was making.

15th Annual Huckleberry Festival – Castle Mountain, Alberta

Castle Mountain Huckleberry Festival

Views Into Fernie :: Through The Looking Glass

The Trip To Fernie - From Calgary
From the passenger seat I tried to document the trip into Fernie from Calgary with my camera (of course). These photos do not do the trip justice at all. The transitions from rolling windy fields to larger rugged hills and into the snow peaked mountains is something everyone should experience. The change of colours, trees, rocks, mountains, from point A to B, make the trip to Fernie like a building suspense novel…you just can’t wait until the end because it’s going to be shocking.

And I would like to add, we took 2 trips to Tim Hortons along the way, 8 cups of roll up the rim, and not one of us won even a cookie. what. the.