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Fernie Artography Call For Entries

Laura Nelson Painting for Fernie Artology

Call to Artists (by Fernie Museum)

This call to artists is for the upcoming Fernie Artography exhibit at the Fernie Museum, the third of four exhibits being presented as part of the Canada 150 Cultural Series by the Fernie Museum and the Fernie Arts Station.

Fernie Artography explores the human and natural landscapes in and around Fernie that help define the psyche of who we are as a community, including buildings, abandoned buildings, streetscapes, cultural landscapes, human landscapes (your backyard, garden, community parks, paths/trails, etc), and natural landscapes (mountain vistas, rivers, forests, and valleys). Read more here.

Annex Suspended Art Opens Thursday, February 23rd At The Arts Station

If only you knew how much happened between the day Michelle and I signed up for this show and now. It’s been quite a crazy ride!! We’d love it if you joined us on Thursday, February 23rd to celebrate the opening of our show and to celebrate us surviving it. If you’re not familiar with Michelle Galway or myself, we’ll be the drunk ones in the corner high-fiving each other whilst crying.

Annex Suspended Art - Gallery opening at The Arts Station


Sugar Plum Festival This Christmas – Starts Tonight

sugar plum festival - fernie christmas festivities

Gallery Opening : Driven To Abstraction By Tara Higgins

Tara Higgins - Driven To Abstraction at Spa 901

Spa 901 is hosting a gallery show called Driven To Abstraction which showcases Tara Higgins‘ latest collection. Saturday, November 7th between 7 and 9 pm.

Fernie On Instagram : I’m Actually Quite Curious As To Where This Frog Is