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Art Show At Spa 901 With Liane Amendy

Art and Storytelling with Liane Amendy at Spa 901 Fernie BC


Fernie Artography Opens

An art exhibit showing off Fernie’s great landscapes is opening at Fernie Museum this Thursday, June 15th. I happen to have a painting included. Neat! 7 pm opening!

“How wanderlust and resident artists contribute to our understanding of Fernie’s natural, social, cultural and built landscapes is the subject of Fernie Artography. The exhibit draws on a wealth of artistic material ranging from the historical works of David Paton and Group of Seven artist A.Y. Jackson to works by contemporary visual artists, photographers and video artists practicing in the Elk Valley today.

Wine and cheese reception; cash bar.

Part of the Canada 150 Cultural Series presented by the Fernie Arts Station and the Fernie Museum.”

Fernie Artography Call For Entries

Laura Nelson Painting for Fernie Artology

Call to Artists (by Fernie Museum)

This call to artists is for the upcoming Fernie Artography exhibit at the Fernie Museum, the third of four exhibits being presented as part of the Canada 150 Cultural Series by the Fernie Museum and the Fernie Arts Station.

Fernie Artography explores the human and natural landscapes in and around Fernie that help define the psyche of who we are as a community, including buildings, abandoned buildings, streetscapes, cultural landscapes, human landscapes (your backyard, garden, community parks, paths/trails, etc), and natural landscapes (mountain vistas, rivers, forests, and valleys). Read more here.

Deck The Walls – Call For Entry

The Arts Station New Logo - Fernie BC

From The Arts Station newsletter:

Head over to our first new blog on the website for all the details here!
The application package is available on the blog @ The Station or email assistant@theartsstation.com for more info. Deadline for application is Tuesday November 22nd.

Gallery Opening : The Big 25

The Arts station - 25 years, 25 artists

The Arts Station is putting on a special 25 Year Anniversary Gallery Show starting Thursday, October 29th (reception at 7 pm) and will close on November 23rd. For the 25th Anniversary of The Arts Station, they are presenting works from local artists that have shown in or are connected to the Station over the years.

p.s. one of my own works of art will be on display. what?!

Easter Weekend In Fernie

The Runs

It’s always nice to see The Runs and this time our little kids got to feel to power of Fernie’s Number 2 band.

The Runs at Fernie Alpine Resort

Art Shows

Not one but two art shows to attend on Saturday night. I went out alone but I saw so many friendly faces I didn’t feel like I was alone for one second. My first stop was Aileen and Kari’s art show. It was a great show with a top notch bartender that made it even better. Great art. Great people. Then I tagged along with some friends to Laura Nelson’s night at Fernie Museum and saw some of her new landscape work. If Fernie loves anything it’s mountains and trees and I get it because they’re both so beautiful.

Easter weekend - art shows - Laura Nelson

Easter Egg Making & Hunting

We are finally at the age where I can take my 3 year old through a craft from start to finish and she’ll stay interested. It took quite a few steps to get our Easter eggs ready. We food dyed the eggs first, painted them and then we hunted them. I’ve never decorated eggs before, especially using a food dye, but it ended up looking amazing. The hardest part was the waiting between stages and the egg hunt. The best thing I could have done was put the eggs in plain sight, although I thought I did, because they couldn’t find them at all. I had to give hint after hint and then I ended up pointing right to them.

Easter Weekend In Fernie - Dying and painting eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - hiding the easter eggs Easter Weekend In Fernie - egg hunt with the kids

The Livery Brunch

We FINALLY made it out to The Livery for the Sunday Brunch and ended up paying $6 for two cups of coffee we didn’t even get to drink because our kids were out of control and they didn’t have a high chair for our 1 year old who needs to be contained. It was beyond frustrating but we will be back! Next time with no children.

Kari Lehr and Aileen Shipley – Art Show & Sale Grand Opening on April 4th

Art show and sale - inside and out wellness - Aileen Shipley