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Confessions Of A Lazy Person : Not Biking In Whitefish


Nine of us traveled to Whitefish for a biking bachelorette weekend this past weekend and I was the only one who didn’t bike. It wasn’t a hard decision for me as I still have no feeling in most of my foot and if I do too much my leg gets super achy and I’m just a little tired of achy. So I stayed back and did some swimming and hot tubbing and a bit of walking, which was really good because I’m supposed to be walking on an incline, good for the stiffness, and I haven’t been.

I’m okay with being the oddball in a group. I’m getting good at being that person. I like that everyone has accepted this part of me. I had no grief for it, although I had a great excuse, but I feel as though if I had not broken my leg this wonderful group of bike crazy women would have been very cool with me not participating (to my face). I love that.

Fernie Kids Triathlon – Register before September 7th, 2011

Fernie Kids Triathlon 2011

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – Cheap Bike

Our Fernie - Buy and Sell - Classifieds
OurFernie.com’s buy and sell section is not as cheap as I’d expect/like it to be. It feels like it’s getting harder and harder to find good deals in there…used beds for 500 dollars? bike rack for $150? It’s probably my own fault, thinking these pages of items for sale should be more like a yard sale…

“$0.50 for this book? I’ll give you $0.25.”…. “sold.”

I’m looking forward to summer yard sales.

Deal of the week today is the “Cheap bike“, without a picture, for $20.

“I’ll give you $10.”

Tears & Gears Duathlon On September 12th

Tears and Gears Bike and Running Race in Fernie BC
A race that’s half on foot (12.5 km) and half on a bike (13.5 km). WOAH. I, personally, need about a year to prepare for this but you probably don’t. Go to www.fernietearsandgears.com to sign up or offer some of your time to help at the event. The 1st Tears and Gears will take place on September 12th, 2010.

Fernie Alpine Resort – Summer Season Ending

Fernie Alpine Resort - Summer Mountain Biking

It feels early but F.A.R.’s official last day is August 29th with a bonus weekend on September 4th to 6th.

Coal Creek Discovery – Trails and Wild Flowers

Coal Creek Heritage TrailCoal Creek Heritage TrailCoal Creek Heritage TrailCoal Creek Road BridgeCoal Creek Road Wild FlowersCoal Creek Road Wild FlowersCoal Creek Road Animal BonesCoal Creek Road Wild FlowersCoal Creek Road Wild Flowers and Rodney BrinkCoal Creek Road Wild Flowers

I don’t know why Rod takes me anywhere anymore. All I want to do is take pictures of flowers and admire the different colours and textures in nature. But he continues to ask me to go places so I guess he be can’t hurting that badly. On Saturday we took our bikes down Coal Creek Road and did a bit of riding on overgrown trails and got ourselves way too close to the shooting range. It’s so beautiful out there.

From Fernie Mountain Bike Club – Artifacts For The Bicycle Museum Exhibit

Fernie Mountain Bike Club LogoThe Fernie & District Historical Society and the Fernie Mountain Bike Club are doing a bicycle exhibit to be displayed in conjunction with the Trans Rockies this year. We are looking for artifacts to display… See the rest.