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Did You Know Bill’s Back?

Bill Handley - Fernie skiing blog

We just found out!

He’s been going for a little while…catch up now! www.billhandley.com

A little note on his blog that I’m copying here:

“When I was compelled to suspend this blog early this season due to threats to suspend my pass by RCR I was genuinely surprised by the support I got and just how big the blog had become. I don’t just mean the comments on the blog and the emails but the personal views given to me on the hill and in the bar not to mention being contacted by the press and radio. Now I have restarted I am even more surprised that the audience and influence of the blog appears to have expanded beyond any expectations I ever had. There are of course the messages of support (particularly from the Calgary weekend crowd who felt deprived of their daily fix of skiing) but also the site is now referenced as the authoritative source of information on skiing in Fernie by a number of very serious ski sites. This among other things has driven the number of daily hits up to just short of 1000 a day which is way ahead of anything that went before. Perhaps those who were instrumental in silencing the blog might like to reflect on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s final words “If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine” – he was right.”

Nice work, Bill!


The End Of Bill’s Blog?

Day 2 This is the end – with apologies to The Doors

 Day 2 and I am already in serious trouble over my blog and likely to get in more trouble as the season progresses. I do not need more trouble in my life (particularly if I am not getting paid for it) so the blog ends today. For up to date news and information of conditions in future refer to the official sites which provide this information.”

We’re So Lucky To Have Bill Handley

Bill Handley - Fernie skiing blog

Do other ski towns have their own Bill Handley? Someone who reports on the conditions and his own personal skiing experience every day? It seems like a pretty special person to have in our town and I just wanted to give him his props for his dedication. You’re awesome, Bill.

Bill’s Blog

Bill Handley Signing Off

From Bill:

Ah well, that’s it for another season – 129 days was not a bad one for me.

The blog has gone well now getting over 6000 hits a month which resulted in me doing the bi weekly column in the Frenie Free Press. The season summary report went on today if anyone is interested.

Off on a world tour before getting back for a summer of sailing in the UK. See you all next year.

Bill Handley

His final report:
“Where do you start on a summary for a season like the one we have just had. It wasn’t just the awesome conditions, the almost record snowfall and number of powder days but the incredible variation in the conditions from day to day and when you throw in the opening of the new Polar Peak lift and all the terrain that opened up then you have one very special season…” Read the rest here.

Good luck out there, Bill! See you next winter.

From Bill Handley – Season 2010-11 A Season Summary

If I had to summarize the season in one word it would be “awesome”, in fact the most awesome season that anyone can remember for some time, but looking back it is worth bearing in mind that for much of the early season things were not that great and at the turn of the year the snow base was in fact lower than it was at the same time last year which was a very poor season. First the hard statistics….Read more here.

Bill Handley Is Back!

Mr. Handley writes about the ski hill conditions and his daily experiences. I say if you really want to know what’s going on, read his blog.

A little excerpt from his December 9th post:

“After lunch two things happened – the snow started absolutely hosing down with hard grappel at the top and everyone disappeared so we more or less had the hill to ourselves ( ok so we saw a few people but not many). The traverse across Currie had been cut higher with a side step so you could get out to the Skydive traverse with a bit of work. The two cycles through Cougar Glades were just awesome, untracked steep deep tree skiing in hero snow – how good is that.”