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Starting An Illustration Series: Birds & Botanicals

I’ve decided to start a new collection of drawings, pairing birds and a tropical or not so tropical plant. I don’t think I should limit myself. It’s no secret that I love birds. I love identifying bird songs just as much as I love drawing them and I love plants. I’m planning on creating 20 of these illustrations, a nice sized collection, and I’ve three already.: Heron, Kingfisher and Loon. These little projects bring me immense pleasure. Have yourself a wonderful day!

Birds and Botanicals Illustration Art Collection by Brina Schenk

I’ll keep you posted on how this series is going. I know you can’t wait to find out what birds I’m going to do next.

Wildlife In Fernie

Fernie BC of Little Bear Cub Feeding on Wildberries

There’s a young moose in the Annex and its mom by Maiden Lake, there are moose in Montane and a grizzly, rumoured, hanging out by the cemetery and a black bear(s) rummaging around Slalom Drive to Ridgemont area. Bear warning signs are also found in the Airport. Now if animals were online I’d be all “What are we supposed to do, Wild Animals?!” I would also send them a text message saying “We come in peace.” We can’t go near them but we want to run or bike or just be outside with our kids and not threaten them by accident. Living in a place like Fernie sure does have its challenges. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

To be somewhat updated on Fernie’s wildlife sightings, you can check wildsafebcelkvalley.com.

Red-Winged Blackbird Day

I follow Cornell Lab of Ornithology on Facebook and they posted this piece on Red-winged Blackbirds this morning, which is a bird I love to spot in the swampy area by Maiden Lake. I’ve also spotted them attacking crows around the duck pond in Annex Park. Let’s learn about them together!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

“Red-winged Blackbirds stand out across North America with their loud trills, bold attitude, and statement-making red and yellow epaulettes. You’ll find them around almost any area with some standing water and vegetation, often perched atop cattails, and on telephone wires. In the breeding season, males are fiercely territorial, but the rest of the year, birds can be found in large flocks. Our Video of the Week invites you to learn more about the lives of these social and versatile show-offs.”

Happy Planet Earth Day!

I went back at least 8 years and collected a few beauty shots from our days in Fernie. This truly is a magical place, in all seasons. Happy Earth Day!

Birds Are Back In Town

With all the birds coming back to the area, this image really stood out to me from Instagram…plus, this is a really cool shot.

Fernie On Instagram : Birds

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Mountain Chickadee

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Fernie Nature Club – Bird Count


A little information for you from Fernie Nature Club:

Please join the Fernie Nature Club for the annual Christmas Bird Count happening this year on Thursday, December 14! Please meet at 1042 – 10th Ave at 8:30am and then head out for the day. Enter through the carport entrance via the side door. Lunch and snacks will be available when you return.

PLEASE NOTE: Lee-Anne Walker will be doing the survey of Hosmer to the Fernie Visitor Information Centre on December 15 from 1-4 pm if anyone would like to join in on this date. Please meet Lee-Anne at the Wildsight Elk Valley office at 12:45pm.

The information on the numbers of birds and species from this count will be entered into a data base which is used by scientists and researchers who are looking at the trends over the past years. Since Fernie is located between the prairies and the West Coast, we can provide valuable information on what is happening in the bird world.

Please be prepared with the appropriate clothing, water. etc. You will be staying out in the field for the prime counting hours and will then meet up starting anywhere from 2-3pm for lunch/snacks and to turn in your tally.

If you wish to go birding on skis, snowshoes or a fat tire bike, please bring your gear with you. The Nature Club will give you an area that should work for you and you can head out.

If you cannot attend on December 14, you can still participate by counting birds at your backyard feeder during the 3 days before and 3 days after Dec 14 and we will record this as “species being present”.

The Nature Club would also like to start collecting the 2018 fees for BC Nature and the Fernie Nature Club. This year, the family rate at $25 and the single rate at $20. Approximately $15 of this goes to BC Nature which includes a subscription to their magazine, as well as their insurance, project and administration costs. For more info on the Fernie Nature Club or the Christmas Bird Count please contact Ron Lentz at Ron 250-430-7249.