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You Have Something To Say

A Star Is Born - MovieI went with a few friends to see A Star Is Born on Tuesday and really enjoyed it. It is a tragic love story that makes you believe in that raw, passionate, in the moment love again. Love is messy! Love is always changing but that’s not what I got from the movie. The message that I took home with me was that having talent is one thing but talent with something to say can change the world.

Now, I completely believe in that, which is why I get so blasé about some of the artwork I produce. I just don’t see the message in it. I’ll put my coffee mug on my illustrations and a witness will say “Do you treat your art like that?” I do. I don’t treat all my art that way. But I don’t see everything as precious. What do I find precious? What do I want my paintings to say? That’s my big question right now. Not that my art is going to change the world, but I believe in art. It’s so interesting the feelings I get when I paint, when I REALLY paint. I get lost in it, which is why I have an alarm on my phone that tells me when to get the kids from school.

What’s my message.


Art On The Lawn At Chautauqua

Art on the Lawn - Fernie Artists on City Hall Grounds for Chautauqua Fall Fair

From facebook event page:

“Art on the Lawn is an opportunity for the public to experience local Fernie art, meet the artists and see them work! A truly unique experience as part of Chautauqua!

The Fernie Visual Arts Guild and individual artists will display their art for viewing and sale. Fernie artists Laura Nelson, Brianne Chisholm and Vanessa Croome can be seen live painting throughout the event.

Fifteen local artists are creating a selection of original work especially for ArtExpo2018 being displayed for your enjoyment and appreciation during Art the Lawn. Everyone is encouraged to wander around the three sided easels to view the varied works of our artists. Participating artists are Amanda Haugrud, Aidan Barnes, Melanie MacVoy, Vanessa Croome, Pru Harshan, Brina Schenk, Brianne Chisholm, Megan Haeusler, Judy Winter, Kathy Stead, Dorothy Sharp, Tyra Collombin, Laura Nelson, Pat Moore, Leanne Stothert.

In addition look for the WonderWalk installment at Art on the Lawn. Fernie artist Brina Schenk has created a new series of original paintings which form a wonderful story for kids and adults alike.

Cover artwork: Laura Nelson”

Happy Father’s Day All You Kick A** Dads Out There

I’m married to one, a father, and he’s out at the lake with the kids on his own all weekend. What a great dad he is. My own father never took us on solo camping trips (there were 4 of us) but when we were older he ended up taking each of us, one-by-one, on a weekend getaway and I still think about that short resort trip in Ontario cottage country every so often. We played a lot of cribbage together, it might have even been the weekend he taught me how to play, and I failed miserably at waterskiing. I also took off one night of the two nights to the employee cabin to play Suck and Blow with a bunch of strangers. Oh life! You’re so strange. They were very welcoming but I wonder why I couldn’t have spent that night playing cribbage with my dad. Ahhhh now I’m speaking of regrets. Today is about him, and I love him dearly.

My camping loving partner is out there making amazing memories for his children and they’re so lucky he’s who he is. A fun dad. Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there, you’re all so different but you have one major thing in common. You know what it is!!

Brina Schenk and Bill Schenk - Father's Day

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 16-20)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10) (PG. 11-15)


I’d like to thank a few people:

Sandra Boer, who encourages me and, also, writes grants to allow me to continue making these fun projects.
Marie-Kristine Landry….or is it Stevenson, who edited my story for me just days before I had to put it up at Wapiti Music Festival.
Rodney Brink, for taking the kids for numerous bike rides, aerial park trips and generally allowed me the time to get the work done.
Janelle Park, for always asking to see my progress and giving me wonderful feedback.
Phil McLachlan, at The Free Press, for writing a sweet, little article on my story.

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 11-15)

(PG. 1-5) (PG. 6-10)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Life Paththetraveller_digital12thetraveller_digital13thetraveller_digital14thetraveller_digital15

To be continued…

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 6-10)

(PG. 1-5)

The Traveller by Brina Schenk - Storytelling, Dreaming, Conscience, Doubt,thetraveller_digital7thetraveller_digital8thetraveller_digital9thetraveller_digital10

To be continued

The Traveller By Brina Schenk (PG. 1-5)

The Traveller, an illustrated story at Wapiti Music Festivalthetraveller_digital2thetraveller_digital3thetraveller_digital4thetraveller_digital5

to be continued