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Broken Glass At Isabella Dicken

Griz Days 2015 - play at the park

In case you take your kids to Isabella Dicken Elementary School, you should probably know we found endless amounts of broken glass all over the playground floor. I’m not talking one bottle smashed and left behind. I’m saying, someone sprinkled broken glass over the entire playground floor like confetti. My friends and I picked up a bunch of it but after I did so I realized no one is now going to know that there are millions of tiny pieces of glass still all over the playground and perhaps even into the grass. The grass is longer so it’s hard to see in there. We saw the larger shards, so we clued in immediately.

I’ll be sending a note to the school board to get someone in there to sweep it up.

I understand some people can be thoughtless, it’s just the way people are, but this seems like a terrible idea. To anyone thinking about putting glass at a playground, don’t do it. It’s a terrible, horrible, unnecessary idea. I recommend recycling or even just placing it in the trash. It would have taken much less time to just nicely place it in the trash than smash it, collect it and sprinkle. Just want to save you time and future nightmares for the guilt you must have.