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Canada Day In Fernie Without Fireworks

That’s only a few days away! How did that happen?! School’s almost out, my strawberries are turning red, Fernie is looking lush…so of course it’s almost Canada Day.

Here’s the festival Facebook page with a Farmer’s market and everything. What it doesn’t tell you is that Naena Robinson is playing at 4:30. Not to be missed.


This is what it says, though:

“Get ready for some serious Canada Day fun in Fernie, BC. This is one of the biggest farmers market events of the year.

The City of Fernie is excited to once again be hosting the Canada Day celebration from 12pm-9pm on July 1!

The event will be held on the Fernie Aquatic Centre grounds and include a full lineup of live music, children’s activities, the Mountain Market, free swimming, beer gardens and much more.

The Mountain Market will runs from noon to 5pm.

The City of Fernie would also like to let the community know that due to the recurring high seasonal fire risk, we have decided not to include a fireworks display at the 2019 Canada Day festivities.

More info: http://ow.ly/eS9450uyqHY”

In lieu of actual fireworks, I’ll leave you with this:

photo of fireworks

Views Of Fernie : Canada Day

canada day in fernie bc - aquatic centre

The change in location for the Canada Day festival was a smart idea. At first I thought “What’s up with that?” because we all fear change…but the Fernie Aquatic Centre had much more going for it. There was the bike park, splash park, exercise machines and the pool. Besides all the permanent features the organizers brought in a lot more food vendors, a big craft market, a stage with live music, a dunk tank. For the little kids there was a covered craft area, sandbox, fishing pool, tattoos, face painting (Phoenix had her face painted for the first time ever because there was no line up for the first time ever), and I hear there was cake and watermelon, but I didn’t get there in time for that. A great day even though I was sure I was melting in the sun.

Rod disturbed Phoenix from her slumber so they could sit on our roof for the fireworks, which is becoming a bit of a tradition, but I was so tired from the busy, hot day that I went to bed a passed out immediately….after reading a couple pages from my book.

canada day in fernie bc - face painting canada day in fernie bc - busy splash park canada day in fernie bc - free tattoos

Did You Know : Fernie’s Canada Day Festivities Has Changed Location

did you know - city of fernie news

The Canada Day festival is no longer at Prentice Park. That’s kind of important information and I would bet 25 cents that someone will show up to Prentice Park looking for a piece of Canada Day cake and will be so sad to find an empty field.

Go to the Aquatic Centre! 250 Pine Ave.


Celebrate Canada – July 1st Music and Event Schedule

celebrate canada2011 schedule
(click on the schedule image for a closer look)

The Project Room – Tuesday Etsy Finds

Athena Knibbs

Athena Knibbs - Tuesday Etsy Finds - Favorites
It has been a long time posting….I would like to blame it on a few things. The nice weather for sure doesn’t help with motivation to sit in front of the computer. The other, well my two busy boys make it difficult some times. Little Quinn can make quite a dash along the floor by alternating his ahem….butt cheeks in a rather comical and sweet fashion. He can sure move! I have also been sewing for the upcoming July 1st Mountain Market. At any rate, I am sure you all miss me. Haha…really, you must. So, to make up for my lack of posting check out some of my etsy favorites, including a few local talents, River Road Pottery and Patrick Markle. We have such amazing talent here! So let’s make this a fresh start and now Tuesdays will be our days to enjoy Etsy finds. Take care.