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Music Break : The Zolas

The Zolas came to Fernie years ago. I remember seeing them at The Northern, back when we could leave the house without paying a babysitter. They’ve done quite well for themselves since then. Here is a song they put out in 2016 called Why do I Wait (When I Know You’ve Got a Lover) and I lover it.


Music Break : The Weather Station

The Weather Station released their latest album last year. This is my first listen. Enjoy with me!

Broken Social Scene’s Sweetest Kill

I love this song.

Music Break : Half Moon Run

Trying out a new band Half Moon Run this morning and I thought I’d share them with you. Good vibes and, plus, they’re Canadian. Nice.

Music Break : Kirby

music break - kirby - wapiti music festival line up

k i r b y

The sweet sounds of Kirby will be soothing our minds at Wapiti Music Festival next weekend. As far as I can tell, this John Kirby has quite the vocal range. Let’s have a listen and get pumped, softly pumped.

Music Break : Buckman Coe

Buckman Coe coming to Wapiti Music Festival in Fernie BC
b u c k m a n  c o e

We’re getting really close to Wapiti Music Festival and I still have four more bands to get to. Today we’re looking at Buckman Coe, a folk and reggae artist from Vancouver. I enjoyed his song Courage (second video) and I think it could be a really nice set.

Music Break: Towers And Trees

Towers and Trees - band from Victoria, BC coming to Wapiti Music Festival

t o w e r s  a n d  t r e e s

Towers and Trees are next in the Wapiti Music Festival lineup. We’re having a look at all the bands coming to our Annex festival. I didn’t know any of the bands when the list was released but I feel better now that I’m familiar with almost all of them…we’re getting there. Let’s have a listen! This video is getting around right now causing multiple underwear changes.

And then there’s Montreal: