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Fernie On Instagram : Horses Take Over Downtown Fernie

Whats In The Fridge – Love, Freedom, Ketchup

Whats In The Fridge - Oscar Helping To Hand Out Free Stuff From CommitOscar was helping Adam hand out Commit merch and stole the show.

What in the Fridge Joel Whalen Jah Raven Creations Film - Fernie BCCommit gave away a Commit board but made them work hard for it... it always comes down to Rock Paper Scissors in Fernie.

It was heartwarming to be one of the 180 in the Vogue Theatre cheering on all those involved in Whats In The Fridge. Joel Whalen, the hard working man behind the project, perfectly captured and edited the love and passion for skiing, snowboarding, sledding, river surfing and fly fishing that so many people are completely dedicated to. It wasn’t a night of egos but of a respect for the life we are able to live in Fernie.

Oh. What was that? I didn’t hear you the first time. What did I like the most in Whats In The Fridge? Well, that’s an interesting question – I would have to say the beautiful macro shots mixed tightly in with the closer crops, cut up with the long distance shots and timed wonderfully to the soundtrack was the highlight for me. Excellent editing.

To have a movie like Whats In the Fridge, of Fernie (and Edmonton, Nelson, Utah etc), starring some of Fernie’s people, is important for the community and not just for those in the film. It’s people like Whalen that can inspire others to do more, be more and want more – that confidence and passion is something we all need. Well, I need it.

But there was more going on that night – we started off with a short film called Azadi Freedom – an interesting documentary by Anthony Bonello about a ski hill in Gulmarg, India, an area considered, only a few years ago, to be “hell on earth”.

And then there was Dylan Siggers’ Summer Demo Reel – a local Fernie kid who is making it happen… I loved it.

Whats In The Fridge? A Film by Jah Raven Creation

Whats In The Fridge Film by Jah Raven CreationsWhats In The Fridge Film by Jah Raven CreationsWhats In The Fridge Film by Jah Raven Creations(Above: screen shots from Whats In The Fridge Teaser Trailer)

From Facebook Event: Come check out this years Jah Raven Creation “Whats in the Fridge?” hosted by Commit Snow and Skate on Saturday, December 4th, 2010 at Vogue Theatre.

A lifestyle film featuring skiing, snowboarding, sledding, river surfing, and fishing. Filmed at locations like Fernie Backcountry, Nelson Backcountry, Utah Backcountry, Island Lake Lodge, K3 Catskiing, Fernie wilderness Adventures and MANY more delightful zones.

So come check out the riding skills of Local Shreds Thomy Westcott, Mi…kel Witlox, Joel Whalen, Rob Huele, Colston VB, Chris Bradley, Blake Nyman, Anthony Boronowski, Rob Stevenson, and MORE! come get some!!!!

Tickets Available at Commit for $15 each. Includes a DVD of the movie “Whats in the Fridge?”

Also there will be a showing before “Whats in the Fridge?” of AZADI:Freedom a film by Anthony Bonello.

“Freedom”, is a cultural documentary as seen through the eyes of skiers. Set in the disputed region of Kashmir, an area deemed the “most dangerous place in the world” during the violent militant insurgency of the 1990’s. What director Anthony Bonello and crew find in 2010 is an aesthetically beautiful landscape and a people eager for Kashmir to once again become “a paradise on earth.” Whilst exploring the mountains surrounding the world’s highest skiable gondola, the crew meet vibrant local characters, ski picturesque forests and thin alpine air. Through beautiful cinematography, interviews, animation and quiet pauses, this backcountry ski film will give you a greater understanding of one of the most negatively publicized regions on the planet… and leave you yearning for winter.

Watch the Whats in the fridge? teaser

and a trailer for Freedom

Kinky Rail Jam Video From Commit