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Elk Valley Spring Clean – Dates Set!

elk valley spring clean - fernie garage sale day

It’s happening again! You too can get your annual fill of garage sales on Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, 24th. Everyone gets the garage sale map in The Free Press (brilliant) on Thursday and you get 2 days to prepare your route.

It’s a beautiful and overwhelming day.

Website: elkvalleyspringclean.blogspot.ca


Views Of Fernie : Garage Sales Begin

garage sales in fernie bc begin early this year

I missed out on this recent garage sale but I did make a mental note that it’s starting early this year. I’m hoping that the people behind the big Fernie wide spring clean garage sale last may is going to happen again because that was overwhelming but fun. I think it satisfied my garage sale craving for a good year…and it’s been almost a year. Bring it on!

Our Fernie Deal – One Piece Suit

one piece snow suit

I’m posting this today because I’ve noticed quite a few hits to my site via the search term “one piece snow suit” and I just found one on ourfernie.com.

Get on it! and then in it!
Here’s the link:

Fernie Yard Sale – Behind Bunches

Yard sale tip of the day – There’s going to be a yard sale in the back parking area at Bunches on Saturday, May 21st! Baby items, games, picture frames and more – All at amazing low prices!

10 am to 4 pm. Don’t be early.

Fernie Yard Sale – Dolly Parton Inspired

I’m going to start posting scheduled yard sales that I become aware of. Here’s the first one:

Yard Sale tip of the dayFrom OurFernie.com – On Sat May 14th at 1001-9th Ave (Annex). Electronics, sporting gear, clothing and more… Starts at 9 and ends at 5, just like Dolly Parton!

Summer Fashion Preview Featuring The Island Lake Summer Wine List and Freyja Fashion

Summer Fashion Preview with Island Lake Lodge Summer Wine List and Freyja Fashion

Best Deal Ever

extra foods Presidents Choice Gift Card - Rebate deal
You know how I’m always (twice) complaining about the lack of deals on ourfernie? How about getting paid to take free stuff?  Right now at Extra Foods there is a crazy deal from Pepsi/Frito Lay/Quaker involving a mail in coupon.  Buy $20 of selected products, keep the receipt, and then mail it in to get $30 in PC gift cards. 12 packs of pop, 6 packs of Gatorade, Lays, Doritos, Tropicana, Quaker bars and cereals, you get the idea. Just follow the instructions on the coupon, and do it before May 19, to get a full refund plus an extra $10.  If I wasn’t sleeping with the chip guy I wouldn’t even have known, though there are signs and coupons in store.