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Turning Lemons Into Lemon Loaf

We had some abandoned lemons at our house so I’ve been baking lemon rich recipes lately and I couldn’t be happier. It’s funny how you crave certain flavours more than others, and at times, only certain times of the year. There are rare occasions when I don’t want anything lemon flavoured, which might, honestly, only happen after a lemon heavy stint, such as next week. But sometimes I don’t want fruit, I’m just not into it, or in winter when you don’t want to even look at a salad. My body is saying: you don’t make friends with salad.

I’ve been told there’s a reason we grow foods seasonally, so in the summer we eat bananas because they cool us down in the heat. I’m going to pay close attention to my body and its cravings and eat lemon loaf when my body wants it (every day).

Here a questions, should we just be eating chickadees and deer in the winter? Think about it.

black and white chickadee


Going To The Stanford

Stanford Resort Fernie - The Mountain Tandoor Restaurant
Last night Rod and I dined at The Stanford for some East Indian eats, although, this morning I was reminded that it isn’t called “The Stanford Restaurant”, the proper name is The Mountain Tandoor Restaurant. I’ve never ever heard anyone call it that before. If you drive by the Hotel, you wouldn’t know it either. No signs. Fernie isn’t known for it’s communication skills; we stopped by two other restaurants before ending up at The Stanford – Curry Bowl and Sawai Thai are both on vacation for a couple weeks. I sure wish there was a website businesses could use to let the people know about these important things. aghem.

Picnic Restaurant + Social :: Thursday Locals Night, Tuesday Wine Pairing, Gourmet Cooking Classes and Live Music Saturdays

Picnic Restaurant - Monthly and Weekly SpecialsDropped by Picnic with Keya White last night for a little appreciation. We donned our matching volunteer t-shirts and enjoyed a few items from the picnic menu…when all of a sudden Todd comes o’er to our table and asked if I was going to blog about this. I looked at him straight in the eye and said “I blog about e’rything I do.” A few things are left out of the blog – like that time I was walking down our railway steps and fell all the way to the bottom, or the time I killed an aloe plant. Some things should just not be discussed.

Most impressively, last night at Picnic my glass of water was magically filled whenever I went to pick it up. My excitement and volume throughout the night grew and grew each time I noticed a full glass of water. I was very thirsty after a day of eating way too much cheese, so this was more appreciated than my server knew – or, most likely, an invisible employee designated water duty. I have to also mention the most impressive beautiful poster that followed you around the restaurant – from the front doors to the bathrooms.  I think they’re trying to subtly remind everyone of their monthly and weekly specials – and the fact that Cam Labelle will be playing on Saturday. Well it worked.

Views Of Fernie :: Yama Goya Sushi

Yama Goya Sushi in Fernie BC
Beware: Yama Goya Sushi shuts down for all or parts of May.

Rip & Richard’s Eatery Updates

Rip & Richards Eatery in Fernie BC
Recently, around November (?) Rip & Richard’s Eatery renovated their entire interior design. It’s less kitschy, more modern, open (almost like a really nice cafeteria) but still family friendly. I almost miss the old Rip & Richards. It was my first time in the newly renovated restaurant, Dwight’s treat before he headed out, all winter and I ended up ordering an old classic dish; not my favorite but since it had been so long, I felt somewhat obliged. Looking at the cold patio now, through the window, made us long for the sunny float days where we end up on the R&R patio to warm up and fill up. Oh summer. I feel like I can smell your breath on my shoulder.

Rip & Richard’s Eatery
301 Highway #3
T: 250-423-3002

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It’s El Guapo Time

El Guapo Mexican Restaurant
We’re creatures of habit, as seen by our visits to El Guapo on no day other than Fish Taco Fridays. We can’t seem to make it for Fajitas Saturdays or Burger and a Beer Mondays. So this past Fish Taco Friday we ended up at El Guapo ordering my usual: Chicken Burrito. I love my Chicken Burrito. I have always loved it and always will. I overheard Scotty tell another customer that the Chicken Burrito is hot this year – and I closed my eyes and nodded my head in approval. It’s not just the Chicken Burrito that I love at El Guapo, it’s the decor meticulously strung around the room and the games readily available and the casual attitude of the whole place. Right after dinner I bought some end of season 40% off specials at Edge of the World. Best Friday ever!

El Guapo
Best Mexican (with a twist) food in town.
(in Edge of the World board shop)
902 6th Ave, Fernie BC
Call for pick up 250-423-9234

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

Valentine's Day in Fernie BC
Love is in the air
(all the time, isn’t it?) and especially on this upcoming Sunday, I predict, as a large group of people see this one day as a way to show their loved ones how much they appreciate and adore them, while the rest of the year is a write-off. ha! Well, take advantage of these scattered rose petal 24 hours and take your suitor out for a lovingly good time….and then do again the next day and the next day after that.

Around Elkford on February 13th:

Elkford Recreation Centre
Women’s Retreat at – 7 to 10 pm – Pre-Register and be pampered, sample products, dip in hot tub with a glass of wine.

Around Fernie on February 14th:

Lizard Creek
Brunch Buffet (ahm ahm) – from 10:30 – 2:00pm
Around The World Wine Taste – 5 course meal $70/person with an additional option of a wine pairing of $25/person – 5:30 – 9:00pm – Call 250/423-2057
Also, as a special, we will be offering a Chocolate Fondue for Two!!

Red Tree Lodge and Restaurant
Dinner (12th to 14th) – Five course meal, including chocolate covered strawberries $65 – Call 250/423-4622

The Old Elevator Restaurant
Valentine’s Special Dinner for two – Call 250/423-7115
Our Chefs prepared the most romantic meal for this very special occasion. It’s all about sharing platters! For $60 per person, you get to enjoy 4 courses.
1. Meat and Cheese Plate
House smoked cheddar and salmon, brie, pancetta, goat cheese and more!
2. Lemon and Poppy Seed Sorbet
3. Steak and Seafood Platter
8oz AAA Angus beef tenderloin topped with foie gras and stilton butter, snow crab legs, prawns, scallops, and mussels, served with a truffle infused potato mash
4. Pavlova
With fresh strawberries, shaved dark chocolate, and black berry coulis

Picnic Restaurant + Social
A three course dinner menu, as well as, the usual a la carte.  Choice of three apps, three entree’s and two desserts…and lots of love. Call 250/423-7666

The Sweet Toque
A night of chocolate indulgence. A buffet of modern and classic recipes. Call 250-423-4637

Sawai Thai
“Dinner For Two” Special – Call 250/423-8424

Cincott Market & Cafe

Word is, if you didn’t already book, you may need to call Cindey for an alternate time, before 6 and after 9. Their menu consists of the regulars and the fondue plus Kangaroo and Ostrich for variety.