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Wednesday Concert Series Schedule At Station Square This Summer

Fernie Station Square Wednesday Concert Series


DJs DJs DJs In Fernie

If you like DJs, Fernie is your town…and I’m not referring to Ms. Tanner from Full House. If you don’t like DJs, Fernie might still be your town but you don’t have many other options for live music. Here and there we have a reggae band from Vancouver or a folk band from the island but the rest are DJs from all sorts of locations around the world. What’s up with that?!

Let’s mix it up a bit. Hey? Bars? Restaurants? Let’s get some awesome talent in this town or do I have to wait until August for this to happen?


I’m glad I got that out. I feel better.

Celebrate Fernie at The Central

Celebrate Fernie Weekend - DJs, Local Bands, Fernie Brewing Co