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Happy Planet Earth Day!

I went back at least 8 years and collected a few beauty shots from our days in Fernie. This truly is a magical place, in all seasons. Happy Earth Day!


Saturday Vet News

Look what we found! A bike jump - The Observers' dogs

Tanglefoot Vets in Fernie is now open on Saturdays!

Their hours used to be Monday to Friday and now you get an extra Vet day (9am-5pm)! We don’t have a dog but my kids often pretend they’re dogs and cats. For the many who have real pets in this town, this might be helpful.

Happy Saturday!


What A Gorgeous Day!

walk in james white park with the dogs

Now You’ll Know His Name When He Comes Up To You And Demands To Be Petted

engraved dog tags at barkside in fernie bc
We’ve been pretty silly about replacing Leroy’s dog tags (a good year or more) but just a couple days ago I was browsing through Barkside, downtown Fernie, when I saw the dog tag display. And then I saw something along the lines of “will engrave in store” and I saw my opportunity to check something off my must-get-done-one-day list. How did it take me this long to do?!

A few things:
• you get 4 lines to write our your important info
• my dog tag cost only $13 but there are different options for colours and shapes and sizes. Black tag for a black dog seemed to make the most sense.
• it was so easy and done in just a couple minutes.
• Barkside Pets. It’s a great company.

“Blink twice if he’s still behind me.”

Phoenix - Is he still there?
We’ve been feeling a bit of this since moving into a City of Fernie neighbourhood with actual neighbours and not just being worried about bears watching me change into my flannel pjs.

But to the smallest degree. I mostly enjoy having people around – seeing them walk in front of our house, living their lives, having friends stop by to say “hi”. I feel more part of the community rather than a queen starring at all my little minions.

Leroy is even enjoying our new place with over 10 acres less to roam around (this may all be in my head). I believe this because we interact with him more – take him for walks or bike rides throughout the day, rather than just opening the door and letting him roam as he pleased. He did have a very important job in the old house: protecting us from bears, moose, deer, squirrels, crickets etc. But now he has a even bigger job – to bug us until we take him for a walk.

Anyways. Just letting you know we’re enjoying our new place, being around people and being able to walk everywhere without the thought of climbing a large steep hill on the way home. Life is good.

What We’ve Been Up To

So much has happened in the last month. Exactly one month ago today Phoenix Zofia Brink entered the world to a big cheering squad. Now summer has ended (you can tell by how hard the butter is to spread) and fall is falling. Where did 2011 go?

I also realized that I posted photos in Facebook for friends and family but I hadn’t put anything on my blog. Here we are, Blog, this is what we’ve been up to….

Phoenix – 1 day old
Phoenix Brink - 1 days old
Phoenix – The Little Dragon
Phoenix Brink - fire cracker
Lunch In James White Park – Dropping a load
Phoenix Brink and Leroy - Poo in James White Park
Me and My Girl – Cuddle Time
Brina and Phoenix - cuddle time
Bath Time
Bath time for Phoenix
Pumpkins Transformed Into Jack-O-Lanterns
Our Halloween Pumpkins - 2011
The Strange Dog That Ate Leroy’s Food One Day – Do you know him? He’s very sneaky.
Leroy's New Friend
There’s more to say and show but Phoenix is waking up and I must tend to her needs. I’ll be back.

Our Fernie Deal Of The Week – Cocker Spaniels

Our Fernie Classifieds - Cocker Spaniels
There’s no price listed for these two dogs but I have a soft spot for Cocker Spaniels and I think you should bring them home to live with you. The Cocker Spaniels that I’ve known in my life were awesome dogs – easy going, happy and loving. I mean, you should probably ask the present owner about these two cuties’ personalities first because assumptions are bad, mmmkay?

Go to the ourfernie.com classified page here.