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Beautiful Downtown Window – Eye Of The Needle

Eye of the needle - Metal Dove Window Sculpture Fernie BC Art

Views Of Fernie : Downtown Blossoms

Fernie Heritage Library Rainy Day Colouring Hour


rainy day fernie bc - downtown

The Fernie Heritage Library is hosting a colouring hour from 3:30 – 4:30 today. It’s pretty gross out there, so you might be looking for something to do.

Just bring your colouring books or use the ones at the library. They also supply colouring pencils. For all ages!

Follow Fernie Heritage Library to find out about all their awesome programs at: https://www.facebook.com/FernieHeritageLibrary/

Secret Business : Crumbs Cakery & Cafe

Crumbs Cakery & Cafe in Fernie BC - Opening Soon

Well, this excites me! Crumbs Cakery & Cafe is opening up downtown Fernie very soon (if not already…I haven’t been downtown in a few days). It’s a good thing I started running and taking Pilates classes.

The craziest part of this business is the owner has 4 kids! I can barely find time to paint with my own 2 kids, let alone run a business. Amy is my hero.

Check out their website : www.crumbscakery.ca

Views Of Fernie : Finding Beauty Downtown Even On A Rainy Day

Rainy Day - Finding Beauty Downtown Fernie BC
(In the library)

(Letterpress open sign at The Fernie Museum – I’m assuming it was made by Clawhammer Press)

rainy day fernie bc - downtown (Downtown Fernie – from my car)