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Fernie On Instagram : Spring Yoga Retreat


8 Years Ago

Rod and Brina Get Married in Fernie - Ceremony at RAW LodgeIt’s been eight years since Rod and I were married at Elk View Lodge. It has been known, by a few, as the best wedding they ever attended. So, that’s cool. I remember it fondly, as well. Way to go us! I will alway regret not taking the time to fix my bra strap, though.

Brina and Rod – Wedding Venue

RAW Fernie Lodge
The only thing Rod and I have done so far, regarding our wedding, is book our venue and we’ve booked RAW (previously known as Elk View Lodge). It’s a pretty spectacular private lodge, just outside of Fernie, that will allow us to stay all weekend with our friends and family and has all the room we need to do the things we want to do (more on that later). Our ceremony and reception will all take place in one building, which is convenient and easy, and we’re so excited to stay there with our loved ones.

The Venue. Check!
29 People Sleep
60 People Building Capacity
Location – Cokato Road
Rooftop Hot Tub
Wrap Around Decks With Amazing Views
30 Foot High Entrance

* Thanks to 6:8 Photography, I can posted these delicious pictures of RAW Fernie.

Raw Fernie at Elk View Lodge

Raw Fernie is a new retreat and wellness centre opening at the newly renovated and updated Elk View Lodge, where the focus is health and happiness for your mind, body and soul. No big deal. No, but really, the idea is to offer sustainable food in an eco-friendly environment and at an affordable price.

Robyn Unrau, the new Elk View Lodge manager and raw food chef, is the brains behind the idea and last weekend she hosted a little introduction to Raw Fernie. It was an evening with singing performances, organic wines, delectable appetizers, raw desserts, introductions to new people (for me) and dancing. I managed to talk to Robyn briefly, and I’d have to say, she has this amazing positive vibe about her and her passion for raw foods, proven by just the amount of time it takes to produce a raw food dish (sometimes up to 3 weeks,) is firely hot. She’s going to make this new venture sore just due to her big heart.

The Details:
Location: Elk View Lodge – 3934 Cokato Road
Catering: The Blue Toque – 601 1st Ave Fernie
Performances: Sonia Roy and Robyn Unrau
Gourmet Raw Desserts: by Chef Raw-bin
Organizers: Robyn Unrau and Carrie Meyer (there could be more. please let me know if I missed anyone. Robyn has a large support group and I’m sure they all contributed.)
Photographer: Kirsty Morris Photography