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Dance & Yoga Summer Camp (7-14 year olds)

Dance and Yoga at Essential Yoga Studio and The Castle On First


Preggers In Fernie :: Prenatal Yoga At Essential

Preggers In Fernie - Prenatal Yoga with Essential Yoga Studio in Fernie
Thanks to Megan Walsh Lohmann for letting me know about the upcoming Prenatal Yoga series at Essential Yoga Studio with Francesca Ter Poorten. I’m not that into yoga (never done it before) but after reading the description I don’t think I would mind a little muscle prep.

Looks like it’s a six week series on Thursdays at 5:30pm starting July 7th and ends August 11th.

From Essential’s website I found this little description:
This class is a great way to prepare for childbirth and connect with your baby. Strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles to prepare for childbirth and promote faster recovery from childbirth. Help relieve issues related to circulation, aid in digestion, strengthen the lower back and relieve any discomfort in that area and achieve greater acceptance of blife and body changes during this time.The benefits of prenatal yoga include relief from as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. Whether you are new to yoga or already an experienced practitioner, you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant. Yoga classes are a great way to prepare yourself for the birthing process as well as enjoy the company of other pregnant women.

From Essential Yoga – Ayurvedic Workshop, Cooking Class & Dinner

Let Ayurvedic Chef Sachin Sudra take you on a journey of tastes and smells during our Ayurvedic Workshop.  Spend the afternoon analysing your dosha, then join Sachin for a cooking class and Ayurvedic dinner.

Ayurvedic Cooking Class & Dinner on April 30th
A dosha is one of three bodily constitutions according to Ayurvedic medicine.
The central concept of Ayurvedic medicine is  that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily types or doshas.  They are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Your constitution influences what style of yoga is good for you, what foods you should eat, what spices you should use, your sleeping patterns, how you relate to others, etc.

This workshop will cover how to determine your dosha, what behavior patterns are associated with each dosha, and how to balance yourself out.  Sachin will join us for a cooking workshop, to determine how you should use spices in cooking, and finally a completely Ayurvedic dinner.

There are limited spots available for this workshop as it is tied in with our teacher training.  The date is April 30th from 3pm-after dinner.  The cost is $69.  You can save on HST by booking before April 20th. Contact Essential Yoga Studio to register.

3-4:30 at Essential Yoga Studio, 7th ave
5:00-after dinner at 5738 Robinson Rd (francesca’s house)

I Introduce To You – Aerin Guy! A New STS Contributor.

Aerin Guy for Small Town Social
Aerin Guy is a TEMPORARY RESIDENT OF FERNIE.  She has been temporarily here since October, 2010, when she cajoled her hubster and child into abandoning their high-falutin’ big city ways and engaging in an experimental adventure: running a business by remote and soaking up some smaller-town health, energy, and mountain vibes. Oh, and skiing.

Aerin is temporarily interested in all goings on around Fernie, including arts, music, and outdoor pursuits. In a frenzy of “just got here” enthusiasm, Aerin joined the Arts Centre, Yoga Essentials, Evolutions Fitness, the Chamber of Commerce, and other social goings-on around town. She even attempted to establish a monthly meet up for Geeks in the Valley, but scared away all the hot young designers in town with her Beavers Canada toque.

Aerin is absolutely chuffed to be writing the TROF column for Small Town Social. She’s eager to share her perspectives with other townsfolk, in that “fresh off the turnip truck” way. She comes with no baggage, and can only report what she feels and experiences. For example, she cannot believe that residents complain about the wait time in the grocery store line up. And on the other hand, she cannot believe that residents don’t complain about the misleading messaging on the Arena billboard: “Rider Game Tonight”. For goodness sakes, people. The Grey Cup was ages ago!

You might find Aerin indulging in a double Americano at Freshies (she tries to grab the window seat whenever possible). She doesn’t yet do “mountain casual chic”, but she’s working on it.

From Essential Yoga – Weekend Retreat In February

DATE: February 25-27th, 2011

AIM: This workshop will help you to create a stronger yoga practice physically and off the mat as well.  Feed your intellect and strengthen the body in a place that is dedicated to your personal evolution.

TEACHERS: Senior Teacher Francesca ter Poorten and Guest Teachers Shivani Howe and Susette O’Byrne

7-9:30pm Greeting, Asana Practice…How to Connect your Asana Practice with creating joy in your life.  Francesca ter Poorten

7am-9am AsanaPractice/Meditation on Joy and the Health of the Body. Francesca ter Poorten
10am-1pm Restorative Practice and Letting go with Suzette O’Byrne
2pm-3:30pm Guided Silent Hike
5pm-7pm  Living Yoga, take the power of yoga off your mat.  Shivani Howe/ Meditation Francesca ter Poorten
8pm-9:30pm  Asana practice, Discussion/ Meditation on Attachment & Delusions Francesca ter Poorten

7am-8am  Asana practice
9am-11am Mantra: The Path to Healing, Light & Peace

LOCATION: King Fir Lodge
MORE: You can sign up for segments of the workshop if the whole weekend is not possible.  Please see our website for more information.

Cost: $295 or $245 if you book before January 31st

A Journey Through The Chakras With Essential Yoga

A Journey Through The Chakras with Essential YogaImage taken from image shack.

From Essential Yoga:
Join Heather Stephens this weekend as she begins her 7-week series Journy Through the Chakras. This Saturday, January 8th, Heather begins with Muladhara Chakra, the first one.  Exploring issues around feeling grounded, money and relationships, the first chakra is probably the most important to balance in order to set the stage for the rest.

#1 – Muladhara Chakra – January 8th, 2 – 4 pm
At King Fir Lodge – $29
Sign up before Thursday and save on HST.
Attend all 7 workshops and pay only $165.
Sessions will be occurring every other weekend.

Essential Yoga Studio Wants To Take You On A Renewal Retreat In Mexico

essential retreat in mexico yoga studioFrom Essential Yoga Studio

Spring Renewal Retreat in Mexico
April 9-16th, 2011

Join us this April to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle.

This April, Essential Yoga Studio will be going to Yelapa, Mexico to give you the opportunity to replenish & reconnect with a healthier you. Join us at the Sky Temple in Yelapa, where the studio sits high above the bay and looks out over the sea and the hills.

Yelapa is a place of great natural beauty.  It’s special because it is a native reserve and not available for the kind of development that happens in many places in Mexico.  It’s on the coast and reached by boat.  So people who love to be off the beaten track, appreciate getting to walk, climb hills, be in nature and enjoy the ocean come to Yelapa.

Book Now and Save!

The cost is $1,650

Your Package Includes:
• Yoga 2x/day at the fully equipped stunning mountain Sky Temple Yoga Studio
• 1-night lodging in Puerto Vallarta double occupancy
• 6 nights lodging in Yelapa
• Private, escorted round-trip boat transportation from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa
• Mule transfers of luggage from Yelapa pier to lodging
• Simple daily breakfasts
• Lunches and dinners each day in Yelapa created and served by a private chef who specializes in healthy, delicious meals and is able to accommodate some dietary restrictions  (One lunch and dinner not included; see below).
• One local fiesta Mexican fish grill in the village center with my Mexican family.
• All tips for baggage, meals, and housekeeping services
• A guided hike to a local waterfall
• Lots of fun:)

Book before February 4th and pay $1550. You must book by March 1st. Register at www.essentialyogastudio.com or call 250.423.9672 check out photos from our retreat on Facebook.

Spring of 2010, Essential Yoga Studio went with a large group to Kauai, Hawaii. Here’s a photo found on Essential Yoga Studio’s Facebook page…
Essential Yoga Retreat 2010 Kauai