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I Introduce To You – Aerin Guy! A New STS Contributor.

Aerin Guy for Small Town Social
Aerin Guy is a TEMPORARY RESIDENT OF FERNIE.  She has been temporarily here since October, 2010, when she cajoled her hubster and child into abandoning their high-falutin’ big city ways and engaging in an experimental adventure: running a business by remote and soaking up some smaller-town health, energy, and mountain vibes. Oh, and skiing.

Aerin is temporarily interested in all goings on around Fernie, including arts, music, and outdoor pursuits. In a frenzy of “just got here” enthusiasm, Aerin joined the Arts Centre, Yoga Essentials, Evolutions Fitness, the Chamber of Commerce, and other social goings-on around town. She even attempted to establish a monthly meet up for Geeks in the Valley, but scared away all the hot young designers in town with her Beavers Canada toque.

Aerin is absolutely chuffed to be writing the TROF column for Small Town Social. She’s eager to share her perspectives with other townsfolk, in that “fresh off the turnip truck” way. She comes with no baggage, and can only report what she feels and experiences. For example, she cannot believe that residents complain about the wait time in the grocery store line up. And on the other hand, she cannot believe that residents don’t complain about the misleading messaging on the Arena billboard: “Rider Game Tonight”. For goodness sakes, people. The Grey Cup was ages ago!

You might find Aerin indulging in a double Americano at Freshies (she tries to grab the window seat whenever possible). She doesn’t yet do “mountain casual chic”, but she’s working on it.