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Fernie on Instagram : You Are Not Alone


Music Break : If You Really Love Nothing (Reimagined by Pêtr Aleksänder)

I got home from school drop off and came to my computer, like I do every morning after drop off, and opened Spotify. Looking for something different to listen to, I clicked on the Release Radar mix. The first song I heard was this and I felt it was just the perfect song for this morning.

I’ve been reading a book called Road Ends by Mary Lawson. It’s about a family who lives in northern Ontario, set in the late 1960s, and the struggles they deal with from their past and present. The mother locks herself in her room with her newborn and slowly fades away, completely obliviously to the rest of the family, the father lives a life of regret and fails to step up to his role as father, and the kids, well, the kids are surviving the best they know how. About 15 pages from the end I put the book down and I cleaned up all the toys on the floor I’ve been ignoring, put away all the drawings my kids have 1/2 finished that just sit around the house, I put away clothes on the floor that I pretend aren’t there and threw out a banana peel from under the coffee table that looked like I caught it just in time. Life can get away from you. I get it but I don’t want that. I want to step up. My kids deserve to be kids and I should be there to support them and show them how to love even when things aren’t going our way. Gosh, books, I love them. I love music, too. Now it’s time to draw!

I’m Back!

Being away from Fernie really made me appreciate the little mountain town, especially now that the skies have cleared and the temperatures have gone down. Planning a trip in August was a good idea since August seems to be a time of campfire bans, smokey skies and suffocating heat.

Driving back felt good and now it’s September 1st, a new school year. I feel refreshed. Let’s do this!!


Family Safety Day 2017

Family Safety Day - Fernie Community Centre

Radium Hot Springs

radium hot springs - family trip

We ended our weekend trip to Invermere, BC at Radium Hot Springs and it was a good idea. Everyone was already tired from the busy weekend and a little cranky but that ended the second we were all in the hot pool surrounded by rocky cliffs. It was beautiful. Although, I have to say, it was a sleepy drive home to Fernie.

swimming at radium hot springs swimming at radium hot springs - rock walls

Enjoying The Ride On Community Day

fernie alpine resort - community day - view of city of fernie
What a trip! We weren’t going to go and then we were and then we decided not to and then we went! Good story. We went to Fernie Alpine Resort on Community Day. It’s free for locals so we took the family to the ski hill for a Timber Chair ride to the top and back down again.

I can’t lie, I was nervous and at times I couldn’t look down from the chair lift and encouraged Rod to talk to me to distract me from the really steep and high sections of the lift. The kids seemed to love it, those brave children.

At the top we did take a quick break at Lost Boys Cafe but only briefly as it was getting late and the sun had already gone behind the mountains. It’s beautiful up there!

fernie alpine resort - community day fernie alpine resort - community day - family chair lift trip fernie alpine resort - community day - family chair lift trip fernie alpine resort - community day - family chair lift trip fernie alpine resort - community day - skiers from the lift fernie alpine resort - community day - lost boys cafe fernie alpine resort - community day - timber chair fernie alpine resort - community day - roman and rod

A Break From Fernie – Everyone Needs It Once In A While

Rod, Phoenix and I took off to Ontario for a little over a week to introduce our little one to our families and we had a fabulous time. We also enjoyed getting out of the GTA to spend quality time with the Brink family at a cottage. I was reminded once again how beautiful Ontario is with it’s beautiful lakes and landscapes. We were also reminded of 401 traffic and hot and humid summer days – no thanks.

Here are a few favorite photos from our travels.

Don't miss driving on Highway 401Taking phoenix to the park - Rod had a good time on the swingSchenk Family Children - Adia, Brody, Max, PhoenixDriving up to cottage country - Haliburton areaBear Aware OntarioRod and his Brother StevePhoenix's turn on the swingBrink Cousins at the cottagePhoenix experiencing the cold lake water temperatureToronto for a birthday party - Ellie, Bowie, MikeTrip Home - This says it all.
Our flight home was extended about 5 hours due to weather conditions in Calgary (we found ourselves in Kelowna with very little baby food and a few hours of uncertainty of how we’d get home) but we made it home in one piece and with very little fussiness so I can’t really complain. Phoenix was a star on every flight we took. She was smiling at everyone and everyone smiled right back. HUGE success!

One little note though – our success in flying with Phoenix was playing the distraction game. I’m not sure what we would have done without Cheerios.