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Griz Days Is Coming – February 25-March 3

Griz Days 2015 Fernie Winter Festival parade - The Griz, Mayor Mary

There’s always so much going on, you can’t keep it all straight, but there is a website for Griz Days and the whole schedule is on it. www.ferniegrizdays.com.

This year’s fashion is jean on jean so get those jean jackets out of those boxes in your basement closet and find some nice hoodies to go under it because jean jackets are typically not that warm.

Here’s a write up from the website:

“This year the Griz is getting his Canadian Tuxedo out to celebrate Fernie’s 42nd year of Griz Days. The Powder King of the Lizard Range is embracing our Canadian fashion tradition of jeans and jean jackets for Griz Days Gone Denim 2019. This year’s winter festival, from March 1-3, will celebrate our casual, rugged style in the same legendary party fashion.

Through partnerships with various community organizations, new events were added to the weekend party in 2018 – these will return bigger and better. By hosting activities and participating in the Griz Days Most Wanted more than $8000 was raised by local non-profit societies.

The festivities will start during the week with events like a community scavenger hunt, with daily opportunities to win great prizes, and a cross-country ski challenge. This year the focus is on offering new and creative family events, that encourage getting out into our great Canadian winter.

Of course the Griz will be roaming the community in his best “Denim on Denim” outfit starting with a visit to local schools and a ski trip around Fernie Alpine Resort on Friday, followed by a special visit to the Fernie Arts Station’s family friendly Griz Story Time that night. And for the adults the popular Griz Days Pub Crawl will be back – a taste of Fernie for the foodies out there.

Many of Saturday’s staple events like the Griz Days Craft Fair, the Griz Baby Crawl, and, of course, the Extreme Griz Challenge to crown the King and Queen of the Mountain will return.

The Junior Griz Training Ground will be back for its second year. This is the perfect opportunity for Fernie’s young people to see if they have what it takes to compete for the title of the Griz. Set up with a series of fun, skill-testing activities the Junior Griz Training Ground is for kids of all ages.

Saturday’s festivities then focus in Station Square in downtown Fernie. Starting in the late afternoon and continuing into the evening the square will be the location of the lumberjack show, live music, food trucks, a beer garden, and, of course, spectacular fireworks.

One of the most popular events, the Griz Days Parade, will be the highlight of the evening as it winds down 2nd Avenue in the early evening. Building on last year’s expanded participation there will be more floats, more horses, more organizations and more of everything in this crowd favourite.

The Dummy Downhill, held at Fernie Alpine Resort on Sunday, is a chance for the more tactile and creative to see if they can build the ultimate ski jumping machine. These creations, built from cardboard to paper mache to wood, slide down a steep runway on skis or snowboards in an attempt to fly the highest and go the farthest – and to have the most spectacular crash.”

Fashion Police

Individuality is back this week. We went from skin tight to drop dead unflattering. The hots trends we had pushing through the top button was straight from the Craft Shop. Everyone had been taking tips off Lady Gagas eccentric look.

Fernie is famous for its sense of style. We have some talented designers out there creating there own versions of Gaga’s wardrobe.

Fashion Police - DIY - by Alex CvijovicFashion Police - DIY - by Alex CvijovicFashion Police - DIY - by Alex Cvijovic
If these look weren’t enough to handle, celebs were in Fernie this week. I spotted Charlie Sheen on Happy Hour in Kelsey’s, while Paris Hilton was seen  in the Bears Den, with an ‘o’ cute ski patrol guy.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Magic Carpet!

– Alex Cvijovic

Cut ‘N’ Paste Your Style

Alex Cvijovic Fernie Fashion on the hill match up

Here we go Fernie Ski goers, another Fashion Fix of this weeks a Top Outfits.
Try to fit together the correct body and face.

Alex Cvijovic Fernie Fashion on the hill match up

Darling, Where did you get that one-piece?

How shall you be celebrating the welcome deluge of snow this weekend? Many of us will be dusting and removing the dog hairs off our trusty winter capsule wardrobe but perhaps some of you have inherited their families cast offs of ‘vintage’ fashions. What if you want to buy something new for your Snow Date.

Being British, I want a deal. It’s got to have at least “40% off” on the sticker to authenticate the conception. My pre-season days have been endlessly searching the Internet to acquire my dinner conversation deal. The garment specifications were to be bright in color, no patterns, non girly and warm. When said garment arrived, I was horrifically looking at the package to find my ideal palette of green was a garish seductive red. Red! That will never go with my purple pants – it will clash! Immediately I was compiling my complaint letter and moaning, another British trait. The admittance of style (in my eyes) is one I am not ashamed to lay on the table. People may perceive the confidence with colour with fashion as conceited. In my eyes, going skiing is a performance. It lets me becomes an ‘actress’, expressing my creative, vivid, theatrical dress sense. The snow is a shade of white; a blank canvas. For some, winter can be a dull and depressing month but why not parade your personalty within clothes, that reflects warmth and joy?!

So what performance shall you be giving us at Fernie Ski Hill this season? What genre of skier or boarder do you classify yourself as? Nowadays every genre has a sub genre. Brightly colored emo on blades – now that’s an image I would pay to see. Could you be a Tech 9 styled gangster whose baggy ass gets tangled on the button lift? Contrasted with a lover of the cheap and eccentric, clueless of the ability of style, but rip up the mountain into a colorful snowstorm?

If you have no style, or perhaps your wallet is full of last nights beer receipts and lacking paper money, I offer you an easy update to your last year’s ski wear. It involves minimal time, no sewing and you can change it every day if you choose. Artistic requirements are not necessary and your ideas may be endless to what you may create. You only need two items; 1. ski garments, 2. painters tape.

How? Why? I can feel the computer getting warm with questions of this hobby craft activity.
Step 1. Remove jacket or pants from your body.
Step 2. Lay garment onto a flat surface or you may be wearing the garment while a friend performs the procedure…in this case, Step 1 may be skipped.
Step 3. Take masking tape, electrical tape or any coloured tape (note – nothing that is too strong, we don’t want to permanently damage your clothes).
Step 4. Create words, shapes, patterns on your garments. It’s theatrical, remember. Play on words will always get you noticed on the hill.
Step 5. Wear and show off your customised, one-off piece.

I would love to see your efforts and achievements. Don’t contact me, I shall find you. I want to see a big effort on the hill this year! We have the legendary snow so let’s become the legends of fashion as well. Now be safe this opening weekend. Putting on thermals and ski pants can be a hazardous arrangement.

Alex Cvijovic